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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Just quit the team. Take over a div four team if you want a challenge.

    You are in tenth place' date=' how the hell do you think you will get relegated?

    This is one of the best setups on SM and none of us will deal with you if all you are doing is ruing in the team.

    Don't even say you are not. Selling Kabore for 5 mill in a setup as competitive as this? Leave it alone. You can't buy anyone for cash so stop being a silly little idiot and leave the setup.[/quote']

    Oh look, a keyboard warrior!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    I pm'd the manager when they joined asking about a Ronaldo deal' date=' I told them i'd offer VDV, Pedro, Khedira and another player. Then I get a reply saying that I could have him for only cash lol. I've withdrawn any bids that I had in for Chelsea players previous to this and won't deal with them. Besides who has the 99 million in cash that I was quoted :P[/quote']

    I quoted you 95million. But given your stupidity, i will not hold it against you.

    And i would like to ask everyone to use their brains, why would an 11 year old be here -.- Obviously i am way older than that. And come on, can't all of you just see some good in people, who has proof that i want to destroy my team?! Besides, if i wanted to, i would have sold them for even less. I just wish to give myself a challenge by winning the Division 3 title next season. Looking at my current injury list and form, i will definitely be relegated. I really thought this gameworld had nice players, turns out i was wrong. Since every single one of you want to be this mean, this means war.

    Yes, i sent one of the forumers a message calling him a backstabbing person. I do not regret my decision and i stand by it. Hopefully, every single one of you will change your attitude towards me.

  3. Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread

    Middlesbrough manager TomBoro has struck again with even more abusive comments towards manager SerenLim. He sent a private message to Seren saying:

    You bloody dog, who asked you to post that on the forums? Dog. *******. Bloody hell, what is wrong with you?

    SerenLim was shocked by this outburst. TomBoro was unavailable for comment.

  4. Manager SerenLim Baffled

    SerenLim, manager of league strugglers Chelsea, has been baffled by a stunning request from manager TomBoro. TomBoro, in a private conversation with manager Seren, admitted that he had plans to take over Chelsea should she face the sack at the end of the season. Seren went on to clarify that her position as manager was not under scrutiny by the Chelsea board and the board instead want to thank her for helping them to a current 17th position. The board had not expected the team to perform so well this season due to the crazy transfers in the previous seasons which saw supposed league minnows Cardiff clinch some big money transfers. However, TomBoro would not budge and later wanted Seren to post in the forums that he was a childish dog! Seren was baffled by this request but as she respected TomBoro, she complied.

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