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    I owe money

    Re: I owe money O! Thank you! I was getting pretty worried there with this negative balance thing. Im a winning eleven player, so negative balance to me means game over, glad to see thats not the case here. Thank you all. You've been a lot of help to me. Ill look into the upcomers when I get some extra cash.
  2. Giga

    I owe money

    Re: I owe money ps. where exactly can I find the SM guide? i cant seem to find it.
  3. Giga

    I owe money

    Re: I owe money Well I'm pretty happy with my team, and the only players Im not happy with, are the ones that I cant sell. I only owe half a million, Is there nothing else I can do?
  4. Giga

    I owe money

    Re: I owe money My team is Palmeiras from the Brasilian League. Were not doing so good in the league standings, but that is mainly because I only started managing it a couple weeks ago, and we were already doing quite badly. Plus the computer manager before sold thierry Henry, God knows why, (I dont even know how Henry got in Palmeiras) so I didnt have any excxeptional players left, and a large quantity of money. So I sort of went on a crazy shopping spree and spent all the funds until I had less than a million, and then the salaries hit me.
  5. Giga

    I owe money

    I got about negative 455k. Should I be extremely worried? If so, what should I do, should I sell a player? the problem with that is, my team doesnt necessarily have too many great players, in fact only one of the actually has another team interested. However, he's my best player, and I canot afford to lose him. Any suggestions?
  6. Re: Corinthians to be relegated ? 2nd - Santos 3rd - Flamengo 4th - Palmeiras 5th - Cruzeiro thats more wat the top 5 look like. Sao Paulo on top of course. But Palmeiras will come through, theyre gona get in Libertadores for sure. theyre already 4th place, all they got to do is stay there.
  7. Re: Corinthians to be relegated ? it looks like theyre finnaly goin down, its about time too. Yea Palmeiras got relegated a couple years ago, but now theyre almost in Libertadores again:)
  8. Re: i need some help, I cant get this player yea it was the chairman not manager, sorry. so... Im paying too much for him? so If I want to get this guy I would pay closer to the amount hes valued at? ok cool, thx bro. And yeah I have some money laying around, I guess I should probably go for somebody else... thank you very much man, I appreciate it.
  9. Re: i need some help, I cant get this player yeah I bid like 1,300,000 the first time. And the team accepted it, hes only valued at like 300,000. But then the game stopped the transfer. Then I did a second time with 2 million, again it said the player would come to my team shortly, then it got interrupted, said te chairman of my team didnt like the deal.
  10. http://forum.soccermanager.com/images/smilies/confused.gif :confused:Alright, so Im trying to buy this guy, Paolo Maldini, and the essage said I got him, says the deal was accepte, but then another message comes out, says the deak didnt go through because the manager of my team was unhappy. wat is going on? The game says it might be because Im transferring between two of my own teams and cheating, but Im not. So can anyone help me out? thank you.
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