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  1. Re: Counter formations My 433w lost at home to an unmanaged 442, so 442 might be a counter.
  2. Re: Counter formations contering 433w
  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Robben really should go back +1 to where he was before he was out injured.
  4. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Seems to be a recent change to the SM engine for exchanging players with external clubs. Used to be that the exchange values of players were much more than their actual values, and the cash cost was lower than the exchange cost of an external player. Now, I'm finding that exchange value for my players has gone down, below what they are worth (even if the player rose), and the exchange cost of an external player is the same as cash cost. Anyone else seen this? I suppose it is to prevent player hoarding, but it screws some of my teams where I had I "invested" unneeded cash into risers rather than let it sit. Now, I often can't get what I paid for them, except if their real club offers to buy them back. And I can't buy players I want with exchange, because my chairman still values them way more than the external clubs do, and exchange offers exceed my chairman's limits.
  5. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Neymar rise has nothing to do with the Confed Cup. He simply switched from Brazil to Barça/La Liga. If he remained in Brazil, his rating would have stayed at 91. No biggie. On the other hand, the broken tediously slow erratic rating updates, the crappy unrealistic match engine...
  6. Re: Counter formations Yup' date=' seems to me that 4231 is a counter to 343 right now. Here is a recent result against an unmanaged 343, both teams with average ratings around 90-91: [img']http://www.berdu.com/images/4231_owns_unmanaged_343.gif[/img]
  7. Re: Counter formations I think the Match statistics are made up after the fact. The game engine decides who wins, then, makes up statistics and commentary. I'd hope they've programmed it not to be so stupid, but it really wouldn't surprise me to see a game where the goals scored were more than the shots on target. We've seen similar idiotic stuff. Think of SM as a shifting puzzle game rather than a soccer strategy game. The only thing that matters is what happens to currently be working, so keep shifting until you find what's winning. Just don't expect a winning setup to last for very long. I think SM changes the engine regularly help everyone have a chance to win something, no matter how bad their tactics would be in real life. If only the "good" players won every time, the regular losers would give up interest and leave the site. SM wants traffic, so it reduces the odds of regular failure to keep as many players as possible coming back.
  8. Re: Counter formations Blackpool scored 2 goals after 60 minutes. Did they make any subs or change tactics at 60/75? Tranmere kept starting 11 in all game.
  9. Re: Dries Mertens - PSV's Shining Belgian Yeah, I'm a fan. I think he'd be brilliant on the right team, as I don't think his PSV teammates provide enough outlets for his creativity.
  10. Re: Counter formations This may be helpful against unmanaged teams. May not work in higher rated leagues Here is the formation used by the winner in a 89 limit league (plus risers, but the team average ratings are still close). Went the entire season undefeated, including all unmanaged teams. The manager is simply set-it-and-forget-it, just stumbled onto a lucky tactic, and the formation doesn't make any real world sense (i.e. slow tempo, press all over), but the SM engine likes it. Started the season using 5-3-2 sweeper, changed after a few games to 4-3-3 wingers, but same tactics. Tackling Style Normal Mentality Defensive Passing Style Direct Attacking Style Mixed Tempo Slow Pressing All Over Counter-Attack Yes Men Behind Ball Yes Tight Marking Yes Play Offside No Use Play Maker Yes (#8) Use Target Man No Free Kicks #7 Corners #8 Penalties #10 3 subs at 60 Min (1 D, 1 M, 1 W/LM) Here are results vs unmanaged teams (only one loss in Friendly, 5-3-2sw at home vs 3-5-2): Unmanaged results with 5-3-2sw: Friendlies, Home 2-5, vs 3-5-2 Friendlies, Away 2-2, vs 3-4-3 2-2, vs 4-2-4 Home, League 3-1, vs 4-3-3w Home, SMFA 2-1, vs 4-4-2 diamond 3-2, vs 4-2-4 Away, SMFA 1-1, vs 4-2-4 Unmanaged results with 4-3-3w Home, League 3-0, vs 5-4-1 Away, League 2-1, vs 4-5-1 1-1, vs 3-4-2-1 Home, SMFA 1-0, vs 4-5-1def (higher rated Liverpool) 4-0, vs 3-4-1-2 Away, SMFA 0-0, vs 4-5-1def (higher rated Liverpool) 1-1, vs 3-4-1-2 There are 4 friendlies remaining, will post results.
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