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  1. Re: English Championship 10000 - 75 GW's away! - WHO IS UP FOR IT? I'm a long time reader of the forum, but not a big time poster. I have played soccermanager religiously since I discovered it several months ago, and am 100% committed to EC 10,000. Reality is, I probably will never be a massive poster - please don't let my one or two posts make me look like I'm not totally committed. Look forward to competing with everyone mentioned above in ec10000.
  2. Re: English Championship 10000 anyone up for it? Have been eyeing of EC 10,000 since I joined SM a few months ago. Very keen, and am shattered I only found this forum because EC 8888 looks like it would've been a great game world to join from the start. There's still a few lower ranked teams I might leave one of my existing game worlds and join up. None the less, EC 10000 here we come!!!
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