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  1. These guys are players of mine but can i make better the team? I have a good defense but I would like to make better my midfields. And are my youths good? H.LLORIS 92 G.PIQUE 95 V.KOMPANY 93 C.AZPILICUETA 89 T.SILVA 94 A.THIAGO 89 A.VIDAL 91 I.MUNIAIN 90 M.GÖTZE 91 G.HIGUAIN 94 L.MESSI 99 A.PATO 92 X.SHAQIRI 89 E.OSCAR 87 E.HAZARD 92 Á.DI MARIA 93
  2. Re: Who is like to rise You should sell a few players (bold). May are great but gk's Hugo Lloris 92 Joe Hart 92: He's too expensive if you are going to have him as your second keeper. Fabian Speiss 72 Def's Jordi Alba 90 David Alaba 88 Holger Badstuber 91 Jan Vertonghen 90 Mats Hummels 92 Namanja Vidic 96 Gerard Pique 95 Adil Rami 91 David Luiz 90 Martin Skrtel 90 mf's Sergio Busquets 94 Luka Modric 93 Xavi Hernandez 97 Joao Moutinho 91: he's good but you have better mf Cesc Fabregas 95 Andres Iniesta 97 Mario Gotze 91 Lucas Moura 88 Ricardo Kaka 94: : trade him for Muniain + Thiago + $ Franck Ribery 95 Alex Oxlade-chamberlain 86 Raheem Sterling 75 Cristian Tello 85 Jordan Ibe 75 Marko Marin 90: there are better and riseing Germans like Draxler Emboaba Oscar 87 Fwd's Lionel Messi 99 Sergio Aguero 94 Robin Van Persie 94 Marco Reus 90 Mario Balotelli 90 Lazar Markovic 75 Radamel Falcao 92: He is realy good but you have more good forwards and he is expensive to have on the bench Leandro Damiao 88 Andy Carroll 88
  3. Re: Karim Rekik - Manchester City's Bright New Star! I payed less than complete for him. The fact is that no body in my gameworld is very interested in very young guys, only on youths that are in late 80's
  4. Re: Karim Rekik - Manchester City's Bright New Star!
  5. Re: yuto nagamoto sell or keep He is okay to keep for now, but i would sell him in future.
  6. Re: Torres Torres sucks a lot and he should be rank less than what he is. I recommend to you to sell him or also to trade, Alexis is a exellent choice.
  7. Re: need to raise funds, who should l sell??? Casillas is not going to become better, but he is still very good, but sell him soon. Sell Pepe and Mikel and also Alonso too.
  8. Re: need a cm riser Get Sergi Roberto, he is very good, and less than 5 millions.
  9. Hey, i have a good youth youth team but it's getting quite big. Is there any one from the list that can/should i sell? But also is there anyone that is worth it to buy too. DE GEA, David 21/89 GRIMALDO, Alex 16/75 WILLEMS, Jetro LB 17/80 FLANAGAN, John 19/80 VARANE, Raphaël 18/86 REKIK, Karim 17/75 GOUANO, Prince-Désir 18/75 VADILLO, Álvaro RM/Wing 17/78 PRAET, Dennis CM/AM 17/75 LEITNER, Moritz AM/CM 19/84 GOTZE, Mario 19/91 THIAGO, Alcántara 20/88 OSCAR, Emboaba AM/Wing 20/87 DRAXLER, Julian 18/84 ROBERTO, Sergi 19/85 SHAQIRI, Xherdan 20/88 MUNIAIN, Iker 19/89 OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex 18/83 NIGUEZ, Saúl 17/77 DEULOFEU, Gerard 17/80 CUENCA, Isaac 20/84 VOLLAND, Kevin 19/84 COULIBALY, Souleymane 17/75
  10. Re: Need Help On My Liverpool Squad! do'nt sell Neymar he is extremley good, I saw him play and he is amazing.
  11. Re: fabregas vs ozil Cesc is realy good. But you could want to keep Shaquiri, because he's young and good, you should seen him play yesterday vs Man United.
  12. Jazinta

    Di Maria

    Re: Di Maria But Marin is my second best scorer and 5th in the whole league.
  13. Jazinta

    Hey guys

    Re: Hey guys You can buy young players that are good, its like betting on the stock exchange's. I did that for my club Barcelona (not the Ecuador one) in World Championship 2449 (Div 1)
  14. Re: help in buying and selling in real madrid I also have Di Maria in one of my club's. I have the dilemma because someone made me an offer of 70 million but he is very good. And I donot have anyone else as good to replace.
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