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  1. do you exchange Palacio of my team(inter 31años de 90) for Cardozo(benfica 29 años 90)
  2. Do you guys think you can upload? you pay 11 m in a competitive league?
  3. you think that you have options in the future to raise
  4. can rise diego costa(87 at.madrid) what would you change by Kuzmanovic (sttutgar 88)? thanks
  5. andres fernadez 87 tomas hubocan 88 HUDDLESTONE, Tom 89 KUZMANOVIC, Zdravko 88 MUNTARI, Sulley 88 LENS, Jeremain POSTIGA, Hélder 88 LÓPEZ, Maxi 88 ZAMORA, Bobby 88 MARTÍNEZ, Jackson86 thanks:)
  6. i have jackson martinez(porto 86) and lens(psv89) and I can change by Luiz Gustavo(90 b.munich) what would you do? you think that any player will rise?
  7. worthwhile to sign pirlo by 10m by 15m or Vucinic pirlo will be maintained
  8. i have got 28m daniele de rossi :27m huntelaar:12m javi martinez:16m jordi alba:13m diego ribas: 13m hummels: 26m marchiso:15m podolski:14m lloris:18m llorente:12m
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