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  1. New season looking for new managers who are committed and up for the challenge, ID:143211
  2. Hey, I was top of the league with my Manchester United team until I have lost the last for games to unmanaged clubs when not changing anything. I will list the squad of players u might want to select and I would appreciate any help offered. David de gea Petr Cech Patrice evra Nemanja vidic Rio Ferdinand Chris smalling Phil jones Rafeal Javier zanetti Luka modric Marounane fellani Wayne Rooney Wesley sneijder Santi cazorla Antonio Valencia Mario gotze Robin van persie Antonio di Natalie Javier Hernandez Danny welbeck Leandro Damiao Had been playing 3-4-2-1 and was working until this sudden dip of form Many thanks
  3. Re: open European championship There are large teams still available as well as lower teams for more of a challenge
  4. It is confirmed that Manchester United have had a unidsiclosed offer of aorund £20m for arsenal midfielder santi cazorla accepted. United Manager Matty C commented: "Santi will be a great addiditon to the squad. He is a quality player and a quality lad and i'm sure the rest of the boys will welcome him into the group." It will be a rush to see if Cazorla will be available to face 3rd Place Chelsea later today in a key clash. It is belived that new signing luka modric will start for united in place of nani who will drop to the bench.
  5. Re: open European championship sorry i cant but the transfer window is open now and is open for half of the season
  6. Hi, my friend has this gw that he created a couple of weeks back that is dying on its feet as there is a succession of managers resigning quickly. I was hoping some active members from the forum who were up for a challenge could step in and participate. Open European Championship ID:171533 Hope to see you there
  7. Re: Hello Guys Open European championship ID:171533
  8. Re: Hello Guys Welcome. I saw your thread you started and i was impressed with your keeness to manage in the lower leagues. I have a gw right for you as it hasn't even been running for 1 season yet full of good guys. I hope to see you there.
  9. I don't know if this will work but how about the idea of a 25 man squad that must be selected at the start of the year. It wouldn't have any effect on squad caps but it will be more realistic and will stop other players not in the squad growing concerns. It will more of a challenge to managers picking their squads and who to have in them. Players should be able to develop concerns if not selected for the squad. Wondering what everyone thinks.
  10. Re: Game Updates There is no pattern but just because you will only get messages by other people doing things on soccer manager. So obviously if no one comes on there will be no messages but the longer you leave it the more chance someone will come on and a message will appear
  11. Re: Player rated under 80 who will son be 80 plus? over how long. if you mean their highest rating some will be around 94.
  12. Re: Player rated under 80 who will son be 80 plus? I got a massive list in my youth squads I will list a few but message me if you want more. Brad Potts Jordan Ibe Zeki fryers Salva Ruiz Charalabos LYKOGIANNIS Jamaal LASCELLES Antonio BRISEÑO Carlos GRUEZO Edmund HOTTOR Larnell COLE Giammario PISCITELLA Toni SILVA Samir CARRUTHERS Julio GOMEZ Will KEANE
  13. Re: Can someone help me? May I ask who you are playing. If you are playing a better team I would recommend 3-4-1-2. That may sound strange but your defence is too poor to survive on its own without help so your two centre mids if arteta and Lopez will cover. I would have gaitan and marin on the wings with Ribery in behind playing as your playmaker. As he is your best player you want him in a position where he can influence the game most. With giroud and negredo up front. Play on defensive with a slow tempo and mixed passing through the middle and set playmaker, tight marking, men behind the ball and counter attack on. DO NOT PLAY OFFSIDE TRAP. I hope that will help.
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