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  1. Hi guys, I own Ocampos and Bruma(galatasaray) and i was thinking if I should swap one of them for origi. I don't have the money to buy him straight out because i used my last 18mill on Godin. So who should i swap for origi, should I even swap one of them for origi? Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi guys, Can you guys let me know who you think will drop, rise or stay on my team? Any help would be appreciated, thanks Keepers Courtois Quillan Roberts Left Backs Alaba Aurier Digne Luke Shaw Centre Backs Luiz Subotic Zouma Ismat-mirin Right Backs Piszcek Rafael Wingers and Attacking Midfielders Shaarawy Muniain SHurrle Neymar Coutinho Eriksen Draxler Isco Oscar Reus Wilshere Koke Gotze Sterling Maher Barkley Centre Mids Kroos Verrati Gundogan Pogba Strikers Luis Suarez Lukaku Markovic Jese I have more players out on loan but I am not worried about them
  3. Hi guys, I have been offered Lahm For my Marcelo. Should I accept?
  4. Hi, I have got 50 mill in the bank currently and Higuain has become available. I am not sure if I should buy him (27.5m).Will he go up or down or what? My other strikers are Reus, Gotze, Neymar, Schurrle, Shaarawy and Lukaku. I have also got some very talented young strikers in the 86 range coming up. Any help would be appreciated. Also One more thing, should i but robben for 18m or dante for 15. I play 3 at the back but i don't have many defenders but I think Robben is too good to pass up. My D is d luis, subtonic, papadopulos, ALaba, pizcek and rafaelwhile my midfield is composed of WIslhere, Gundogan, Pogba, Verrati, Oscar, Isco, Eriksen, Draxler, Munian and Lamela as well as other coming through the youth ranks. Thanks for any advice
  5. Hey guys, I have been offered 1m + J Martinez for my rafael. How does Rafael compare to martinez. What will rafael max out at and does Martinez have a future with pep at the reigns? I play 3-5-2 and here are my DEFENDERS Alaba Schmelzer Digne Subotic Badstuber Papadopulas Rafael Azpilicueta Wanyama MIDFIELDERS Asamoah Kroos Paulinho Wilshere Eriksen Gotze Reus Shurrle Muniain Lamela Shaqiri Chamberlain Isco Maher Thanks again any help would be appreciates
  6. So I have 90million in the bank and I am not sure who I should bid for. There top players are and how much they would cost me are listed below Ronaldo=90million Ramos=50million Di Maria=30million Marcelo=30million Xavi=35million Cassilas=25million Alonso=25million Modric=20million Pepe=15million tevez=12.7million Walcott= 12.3million.... Taking account how much money I have should i go full out on ronaldo? or spread it around? I have Buffon in net so cassilas i will probably not buy. All my positions are completely covered. All these players except tevez and walcott will be improvements to my side. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, In my GW money is worth a decent amount. for example 30million could get you mandzusik etc and 70-80million can get you the likes of Ozil. so money can get you players. My other midfielders are Hummels, Varane, Bochetti, Abate, Walker, Pirlo, bender, marchisio, Fellaini, Boateng, Gotze, Robinho, Ozil, Navas, Aguero. Will wilshere peak above kroos. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Mabram
  8. Hey guys, I own gotze and hummels and the RM manager offered to swap me Gotze and Hummels for Ronaldo. I have a lot of depth in the midfield so it is not a problem for having less players. Should I accept the deal? Thanks
  9. Re: Cheater Thanks for the help but it wont let any manager report him again because it sais unnefeccient evidence but it is really so obvious. I messaged him asking about it and he replied saying that I was loser and a !@(#!@# ..... he then accused me of buying and hogging all the young players.... it is so annoying when no one can do anything about it but it is so obviouse
  10. Hello guys, In my GW there is a Manager who has 3-4 clubs in the same GW. You can tell it is him because all of those clubs are always doing deals with each other and the managers all play in the same 2 leagues so they are doing it in another league as well. However when I try to report him it sais that they have analysed the managers of these clubs and there is not enough evidence to take it further but it is insanely obvious it makes me feel so sick. Is there anyway I can bring this back up to officials because it has become more obvious since the last time another manager brought it up. Thanks, Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hey guys, I recently just got offered to swap my gotze for his xavi. Would I be crazy to not accept this deal? my other midfielders are ozil, aguero, kroos, pirlo, marchisio, varane, walker, Navas, Fellaini, Bender, Nagatomo, robinho, abate and boateng. i play a 4-1-3-2. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. So i need a bit of a clean up of my my team because i have a around 60m in the bank and would liek to sell the the extra to gain a bit of cash. Also if you have any advice on who to buy that would be great too! First Team Courtois 20,90 Rafael 22,90..............Subotic 24,91....Badstuber 24,91.........Alaba 20,90 .........................................K. Asamoah 24,91................................ ..................................Gotze 20,93............Kroos 23,92.......................... ......Reus 23,92.....................................................................Shurrle22,91 ............................................Jovetic 23,91........................................... Subs Griezzman Welbeck Schmelzer Wilshere on loan Shaarawy Eriksen K. Papadopulas Reserves G. Long J. Paulinho Lukaku L. De Jong I. Munian Lamela D. Ba Verrati Loanies K. Gibbs L. Shaw Z. Fryers Jan Kirchoff N. Ismit Mirin A. Wisdom D. Wilson S.Wooton S. Aurier J. FLanagan O. Wallace L. Fernando V. Wanayama Luca MArrone A. Maher J. Mceachran P. Pogba G. Bigirimana M. Bennasi C. Coady A. Oxlade Chamberlain G. Deolofeu A. morata W. Zaha T. Ince R. Myachi V. Fischer L. Ocampos L. Piazon J. Ibe J. Lukoki L. Markovic T. Watt W. Bony J. Guidetti C. Wickham J. Locadia D. Berardi S. Yesil B. Mendes A. Morgan Again any help woudl be appreciated. i know it is a big list.
  13. Hey guys, I bought this guy before his rise not knowing who he really and in all honesty still dont know who he is. I am wondering if i should sell him know for 12m or keep him. Will he hit 90 any time soon. How good is he actually. DOes he deserve his rating. Any help would be appreciated. Thaanks
  14. Hey guys, My 3 keepers are Courtois, Szczesney and Butland. I put szczesney on the transfer l]ist hoping for a decent offer to come in. So my first option would be to sell him right now and pick up my 9.7 million. Another option would be to do a straight swap for Junior Paulinho. My final option woudl be to wait it out until he rises (I was expecting him to rise last EPL changes) and then either sell him or get money plus paulinho for szcesney. SHould I be expecting a rise for him. 90? 91? Anyway any help would be appreciated Thanks
  15. Hey guys... I own sandro and an external team has paulinho. Would it be good if i swapped sandro for paulinho.... or should i keep sandro. I know sandro is a bit younger but paulinho is getting linked with big clubs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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