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  1. Re: The super scout Alan here the Barcelona manager. I arrived at the stadium this morning to meet the coach with all my players on, the doors open and out comes Messi, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta ............. but wait that is not who is getting off the bus, there are a bunch of boys I have never seen before and they are oh so young. So I have been given the job of turning these young boys into men and superstars as well. Luckily all the managers in the league have the same job. I will show you who I have to work with, but beware you other managers, there are some future superstars here so be
  2. Re: The super scout Hi everyone. I am the new Barcelona mamager, my name is Alan. My user name is alfie17171. I hope everyone has great fun, there are cool rules in this league that should make it very exciting and make you work hard. Good luck to everyone. Now I will try and pick a good squad !!!!! :) Alan
  3. Can someone help me please. I have taken over a team with a lot of unhappy players and I assume they are unhappy over lack of playing time. Can you remedy this by playing a lot of friendly games and putting these unhappy players in or do they need real games to improve their happiness. Alan :confused:
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