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  1. id guess the next Maldini will be a midfielder since they already had a striker and a defender
  2. yeah and what if a player is injured early in the game. You wouldnt be able to switch him and he would be crap for the rest of the game and not do anything
  3. maldini is the best defender in Italy and should be a 98 not nesta
  4. u do have the right bobo what u lack is the brain capacity CASILLAS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. yeah and not too long ago he stopped an important penalty against Osasuna. Real Madrids defence is terrible right now also because they dont have Jonathan Woodgate
  6. u might be saying that because u dont see many Real Madrid games cause if u do, youll see how good he is and how he is the best in the world right now.
  7. I agree with Gio on that one.
  8. Ill do it dai, when my next match against a person with a terrible reputation Ill use my bad players on them but most of the people in my league have good ratings though (only 3 have low ratings) but ill wait until I face one of them
  9. Buffon I agree is a great keeper but I bet that if Italy and Spain play in the World Cup and it goes down to penalties, Spain would win, and the same if they played the Czechs.
  10. I think Iker Casillas is the best goalkeeper in the world and should be at least a 96. He is the best at stopping close range shots and has saved Real Madrids defenders on many occasions. He beats Buffon and Cech any day.
  11. Raul has played ok in my mind this year and Torres did a bit better than raul but out of all the strikers of spain villa is the one with the most goals (spanish nationally).
  12. i agree with Brad Joe Cole has been wonderful this year and should have a much higher rating...........................Go Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I think that David Villas perfromance this year has been amazing and I think he should be at least a 94-97. He has 24 goals already just one behind Samuel Eto and unlike Barcelona, Valencia depend only on David Villa for goals and he had done a great job this year.
  14. I doubt im the first 2 say this but Nesta is terrible and should be a 93 in my mind.
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