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  1. Re: Funny SM Private Messages I got a string of funny ones once Can I have Ashley Young? the guy said I said no sorry I'll offer a lot the guy said I don't wanna sell him Are you sure? Yes Are you positive? Yes Are you COMPLETELY sure? Yes I am This is your last chance Fine then, no I won't sell him :D :D :D
  2. Hey guys, some of you might know that I'm now living in Hong Kong and not Panama. I miss Panama a lot obviously and I was wondering since I'm a 10th Grader if there's a solution to wanting to return to Panama to study at my school. If you guys have any ideas I'd love to take them. Moving isn't fun and the culture shock is immense. I wanna escape and return to Panama! Any suggestions?
  3. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! Those golden dreadlocks make him look irresistible. It's not really an ugly face, just a nasty haircut
  4. Re: What's wrong with Toronto? This is getting out of hand, imagine in many countries and big cities it's like this. Imn Africa how many people are killed every day from gangs/child soldiers but nobody really knows about how hard it really is over there BTW, brilliantly written!
  5. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread What kind of freak would leave dead rats in washbags :D
  6. Re: Theo Walcott I think Young will hit a 91, he's such a great player and my gosh 17 assists is quite impressive If he does it might clear the way for Walcott to hit 90 but maybe we'll find that out within the next couple of games
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings Abidal has been playing poorly but there really is nobody who could take his place except Zambrotta maybe. I think he might stay at 94 just because he's been active and might be for the whole season
  8. Re: Theo Walcott True and he doesn't seem to mind that lots of player are giving him a rough time out there he's thriving in it... so far
  9. Re: Italian Ratings I think he might stay the same he's a good defender though no doubt
  10. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Iron Man This movie has Robert Downey Jr. as a rich weapons designer creating a brand new destructive weapon. At the beginning he is very funny and cocky and entertaining and pretty much keeps that in check throughout. In his military convoy he is captured but escapes back home by creating a prototype suit of armour and starts constructing a better suit of armour type of thing AKA Iron Man . He tries to amend his mistakes of the past. It's a very good movie, probably overshadowed by The Dark Knight. I'll give it a 8.5/10 because The Dark Knight was better.
  11. Re: Theo Walcott I mean by youth standards of course but he's had a fine start to the season, although I do believe both Pato and Bojan should earn 91 ratings next time around
  12. Re: the movie thread I Am Legend is an awesome movie, one of my favorites seen it like 5 times I believe
  13. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 5 Sunderland 1 Middlesbrough 1 Bolton 0 Arsenal 2 Derby County 2 Cardiff 1 Athletico Madrid 1 Recreativo 1 Feyenoord 1 Ajax 3 Kilmarnock 1 Celtic 2 Man City 2 Portsmouth 2 (ESB) West Brom 1 Aston Villa 2
  14. Re: Theo Walcott Yes, even more than Pato if that happens.
  15. Re: UEFA Champions League 08/09 I'm very excited for the Cypriot team, getting a 0-0 draw is quite an accomplishment for them. Hope they can also score a goal, that should be their main objectives. To make it past the group stage well, if that happens I officially won't eat anymore Chicken!
  16. Re: Spanish Ratings I think Forlan will stay the same ATM Mata, on the other hand, deserves a +2 IMO for being quite outstanding already for Valencia
  17. Re: Italian Ratings I think Molinaro definitely deserves a rise IMO
  18. Re: Robert Lewandowski - Polish Sensation! Great find Ahmed, a seriously good find!
  19. Re: UEFA Champions League 08/09 Here's my Starting XI Reina Carragher Juan Carvalho Abidal C Ronaldo Lucho Gonzalez Moutinho Diego Benzema © McDonald Subs: Vercoutre Deivid Gourcuff Brown EDIT: BTW, my team name is Chelsea Wanderers
  20. Re: UEFA Champions League 08/09 Thanks for the invite Shels
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