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  1. Re: Italian Ratings Chiellini is a world class defender I remember him last year really started to show how great he really is. He deserves a 92, hopefully he'll return to full fitness soon.
  2. Re: What MP3 do you have? Well actually you pay 1100 USD in Hong Kong for over a two year period, that doesn't even include the network costs. So I obviously decided to skip it. If you already have a cell it's kind of a waste. BTW, how's the new touch like? I heard it's really cool
  3. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Poor Shearer getting stripped of his role at the club. It's just getting worse and worse for them now I don't follow the MLS a lot but wow 12 games without winning is quite a bad streak
  4. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread I can't imagine Del Piero leaving Juve ever, he is a legend there. I don't know what Gareth Barry can do other than being an Essien replacement. After that he'd be history there
  5. Re: Italian Ratings He might rise one or two points if he continues to make appearances, if he starts scoring he could be an 85/86 but it's too early to tell
  6. Re: Theo Walcott He's a future 90+, but for now I like him at 89.
  7. Re: What MP3 do you have? I've got an Ipod Classic 80GB which is really too much for me. I also have 2GB on my Cell but that's too little so I use both regularly, depending on where I'm going etc. If you don't have a phone or and ipod, an Iphone is a great item to buy. If you live in the UK I think it's more expensive though than in the US. In Hong Kong the Iphone is over twice as much as in the US for example that's why I decided not to buy it plus already having an Ipod makes it a waste.
  8. Re: What are your PC/Laptop Specs? Mac OS X Version 10.5.4 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB 667 MHz
  9. Re: Who Should England Play In Goal? I hope they play with David James. I like him, and IMO he's quite underrated. Wouldn't complain though if Hart got the position.
  10. Re: YouTube Videos very funny vid had me in stitches
  11. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Yeah and I would definitely eat it, even if Barton was selling chicken I gobble it up
  12. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Very interesting how Michael Owen wants to build a theme park. That doesn't happen every day if it did, I'd demand chicken instead of cotton candy
  13. Re: Spanish Ratings I agree I believe they're all really good and fairly equal, although Casillas is superb because of Real's poor defense.
  14. Re: essien out for severel months It's such an awful blow, I hope Mikel can fill in for Essien cause if not it's gonna be hell! Essien is a great midfielder but I can't really decide on his rating cause I'm so biased towards my idol
  15. Re: Dean Ashton I believe he has the ability to become a great player but it all depends on him and his fitness. He should be an 89
  16. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 4 Hey guys back for another great season Liverpool 1 Man U 1 Charlton 2 Wolves 1 Bordeaux 0 Marseille 0 Borussia Dortmund 1 FC Schalke 2 Juventus 2 Udinese 1 (ESB) Villareal 3 Deportivo 1 Stoke City 1 Everton 3 Napoli 0 Fiorentina 1
  17. Re: Spanish Ratings He is good but he's not quite there IMO
  18. Re: Chelski Rating Changes Oh god this is horrible My favorite player gone for the whole season possibly. Essien, you will be missed dearly :(
  19. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! I'm surprised Kolo Toure isn't on the list, but actually I love his smile it's kinda jolly in a way
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