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  1. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! Wow now that's a sexy Scot (sorry Fraser) Ronaldinho's teeth and incredibly hideous, he really needs braces that's for sure
  2. Re: Alessandro ROSINA Rosina is a great player on a weak team. If he joined a team like Lazio or Udinese, it would be perfect for him to display his skills and increase his rating. Unfortunately it looks like he'll stay as a 90 for now.
  3. Re: will ribas diego drop rating? Diego is an incredible midfielder and I believe that he's destined to be a 94 as long as he controls Werder Bremen. If they win the Bundesliga though, he deserves a rise to 95
  4. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Stop it I already ate dinner that's making me hungry!!! :D
  5. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread If he was gonna sell chickens, I'd believe him
  6. Re: Cantona or Shearer? Well I always liked Cantona even though he's a United lad Both players are incredible though
  7. Re: Andrei Arshavin I believe if Arshavin had moved elsewhere and played at a decent level, he could've been a 94. I think a 93 is all he'll get for now, but in the world of SM bigger surprises have occured
  8. Re: Top 10 Players - List yours! The problem when choosing your top 10 is that it can change so quickly. I bet that some of us won't have the same list in a month.
  9. Re: Top 10 Players - List yours! For me it goes like this Ronaldo Kaka Messi Gerrard Cech Torres Sergio Ramos Casillas Essien Eto
  10. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Ahhh good ol' Bobo's Rumour Thread So basically Man City is gonna sign their favorite XI in January
  11. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari Wow mine is going soooo fast!!!!
  12. Hey guys, I was just wondering in your opinions which do you prefer Firefox or Safari? Personally I like Firefox although both are really good. What do you guys think?
  13. Re: Chelski Rating Changes Ivanovic is basically gone for a while so he should drop to 86. As a Chelsea fan I'm happy to see all these appeals for Deco to rise but it's too early to tell IMO if he keeps it up though he should see a 94 soon enough. Alex should also go down -1 Joe Cole for me has always been fantastic and deserves a 94 certainly. I think Malouda should drop aswell -1 Essien should be a 96, he is pure class
  14. Re: harry kewell I think that based on his performances his deserves a rise to 88 possibly an 89 if he keeps it up.
  15. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 6 Hey guys, I just returned today and let me say since I've been gone a lot of great lads seem to have appeared in this forum. I'm honored to be in a group, because I haven't really contributed in 3 months so thanks for putting me in it. My vote went to REDDEVILFC
  16. Re: Where In The World Is... Hey guys, sorry about the huge dissapearance and all but well you guys know holidays and moving etc. I have moved to Hong Kong (moms job) so I first went on vacation and then I had to leave Panama unfortunately. But I'm back, but with school and stuff, I won't be on everyday but hopefully I'll be on for 4 days a week. Sorry about that sudden dissapearance but now I'm back!
  17. milessurrey


    Re: NBA Derek Fisher also needs to step up and score 15+ points for the Lakers
  18. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Florent Malouda and SWP have both been sent on loan to Barcelona and Aston Villa respectively. Miles Surrey has warned Barca though that during an injury crisis Malouda could be brought back for some help. Tal Ben Haim and Henrique Hilario are both reported to be leaving Chelsea with two deals accepted and ready to be completed. Cicinho is officially at Stamford Bridge at the moment, and Filipo Inzaghi will be coming on Turn 5. Miles Surrey has also comfirmed that they have made a reported offer for David Trezeguet saying "David Trezeguet is an amazing striker and we'd love to sign him. He scored 14 goals last year and if he signs with us it would be great. If Trezeguet comes to Stamford Bridge then I will listen to good offers for Didier Drogba. If he doesn't sign then hands off"
  19. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Brand new Chelsea manager Miles Surrey has revealed that next year SWP and Florent Malouda will be available on loan. He has decided to use Kalou in his new formation. Brazilian RB Cicinho and Italian CF Inzaghi both look poised to sign for Chelsea within the next couple of days. Tal Ben Haim looks set to leave Stamford Bridge.
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