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  1. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread lol the prisoners won't make a single jail break if the Swiss go really far in the tournament.
  2. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread
  3. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread After an amazing end to the season in which Bilbao and Juve ended with a draw, Miles Surrey has been appointed as the new manager of Chelsea. This happened just hours after the heartbreaking draw to Juve in which Miles Surrey said he'd quit without a win. Miles Surrey believes that Barcelona manager Tom Pham is a great man, and believes they will be great rivals and friends in Division 1. As the new manager of Chelsea, Miles Surrey plans to make a couple of changes before the new season begins, and hopes to make a few signings along the way. He ended his management by saying "I love Bilbao, and I always will".
  4. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Miles Surrey has immediately replied to Sam Wainwrights offer by saying "No way, Jose". The Bilbao manager believes that if he and Wainwright were in the same team coaching, it would be ridiculous because we'd win every single match and I want the setup to be fair so we don't win it all.
  5. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread lol every Chelsea player is apparently Mourinho's top target
  6. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Bilbao manager Miles Surrey believes the Milan clubs made some great choices in signing Sam Wainwright and Ross Philip respectively. He has no hard feelings on the matter and has revealed that their is a lot of options for him to still choose from if Bilbao cannot beat Juventus on Monday and win the title.
  7. Re: Relegation candidates for next season in the premier league Fulham might get relegated, and the Championship has become harder over the years so it could take a while for them to return to the Premiership. Southampton still have been close but yet for a while so far, that could happen to Fulham.
  8. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Miles Surrey has revealed that if he somehow manages to beat Juventus on Thursday and win the title, he will stay with Bilbao. "The chances are extremely slim to beat Juve, but I have my hopes up. If it ends up that I don't beat them, then I will sign for another club". Italian Clubs in Milan have shown great interest in Miles Surrey, Sam Wainwright and Gazza. Miles Surrey is hoping that if his team loses that one of the Milan clubs will appoint him as manager, especially since he has to beat Juve to stay at Bilbao.
  9. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Well I think Jose will be a great boss, but if he takes Michael Essien I will be so angry Essien is one of my favorite Chelsea players
  10. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Athletic Bilbao defeated Real Betis 1-0, thanks to Luis Garcia scoring against his old club. Juventus took Everton apart in a 1-0 win after winning even after one player was sent off from their team. Now the season will conclude with Bilbao and Juve playing the biggest match in the whole setup, this deciding the fate of the 2nd Division. Bilbao need a win, Juve just need to hold on and they have a title.
  11. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread An easy task against Juventus!!! Now I've heard it all Juventus are by far the favorites IMO and thrive off difficult situations like playing Everton and Bilbao in the last 2 games of the season. Miles Surrey also respects Everton, playing beautifully without a manager. Nonetheless, all 3 teams have been amazing this year and promotion is soooo close now
  12. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Since when did Jose try to turn modest. He should stick to being 'special'
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    Re: NBA I was going for the Wizards :o
  14. milessurrey


    Re: NBA If Ray Allen improves his shooting even more, I'm pretty sure the Celtics won't have to worry much about their offense. Defense will win the NBA Finals
  15. Re: Eduardo to make possible return... This would be great for Arsenal, I certainly hope Eduardo will come back so soon, although for his sake he shouldn't try to rush the recovery
  16. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Miles Surrey showed today he would stick to the task at hand when Bilbao defeated a difficult Milan 1-0 in Bilbao. Daniel Guiza now has 9 goals this year. Juventus are still in 1st in a very close end of the year battle. Miles Surrey believes though his side have the edge since Juve have to play 3rd place Everton while Bilbao play now manager-less Betis. "I expect an easier match next round although on the final week I'll have to play Juve, I'll just have to pray for the best that day". With Ath. Madrid boss and Captain Tom urging Nathan and Miles to stay, Miles Surrey says he will only leave if Inter appoint him or if Juve are left without a manager."Valencia have been taken by a great manager and now I hope to either join Inter or Juve next season. If that doesn't happen I'll definitely settle for another season in Bilbao, especially with a great manager like Tom leading us".
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    Re: NBA If it is a Lakers-Celtics Final I'd also have to go for the Celtics. I think they'd win in 6 games.
  18. Re: BBC's Premiership goal of the season Adebayors goal was brilliant. Kenny Millers 35 yard strike against Newcastle was also impressive IMO
  19. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread After Arsenal signed talented coach Mattis, clubs including Inter, Valencia and PSV are interested in getting Bilbao's manager. Miles Surrey then talked to the Media stating "I don't plan to leave Bilbao as I love the city. However, if Mr. Nathan doesn't sign with Inter, I could be tempted to move to such a great dynasty. Nothing is confirmed yet, and right now I'm trying to focus on promotion for Bilbao".
  20. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Gilardino has apparently just signed for Fiorentina, he'll be a great strike partner to go with Adrian Mutu
  21. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Speculation has occurred in the Spanish papers today revealing that Arsenal, without a boss at the moment, are keen to sign Bilbao manager Miles Surrey, who has made quite and impression this year. They expect to begin talks with the Bilbao manager after the season ends
  22. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Mancini is a great coach, if he leaves it won't be long until he finds a club *cough Chelsea cough*
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    Re: Jokes I like that post office one Tom awesome
  24. Re: Real tempt Ronaldo with an Audi He could buy a Bugatti if he wanted to, this is just another plaything to Ronaldo
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