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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings I expect him to he has a bright future
  2. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report
  3. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report If you're getting Maxwell and Maicon in the deal I'd say that's a pretty nice deal!
  4. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report Sorry Tom but I disagree about your thoughts on Miccoli I believe he's rightfully earned his 90 rating and he shouldn't drop
  5. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Wow Petr Cech returning already now that would be a pleasant surprise
  6. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 34 I think this was the first time I missed the Predict Now thanks to that I sit in 8th, but this week I really, really need something special to gain some ground Congrats Gazza
  7. Re: Benzema Overrated I said rising star Henry is their best player but at 30 he's not rising Ribery is also a great rising star for France
  8. Re: Benzema Overrated Benzema in no way is overrated. The only other lads his age I feel have more potential might be Messi and Aguero. He is one of the best strikers in the world and probably France's fastest rising star. He is definitely the best player in France at the moment with Lyon
  9. Re: Forumer Evaluation Thread Username: milessurrey Best Sub Forums: Player Ratings, SM Predict, Match Reports Age: 15 Strengths: Chicken Eating Contests
  10. Re: Manchester United Vs Arsenal Basically Arsenal's title challenge is over, and now the Chelsea-Man Utd match will be very decisive in the end. If Wigan can score on Chelsea's GK Hilario, then Man Utd have a great chance to take the title
  11. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report Molinaro for me
  12. Re: UEFA CUP 07/08 Now that Getafe has sadly departed, I believe Fiorentina are the frontrunners. If they can get past Bayern in the Final, then they can...well...win the Cup Shame that Zenit's amazing run might now be stopped
  13. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread As good as Torres is, I believe C Ronaldo easily deserves player of the year.
  14. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Bilbao drew to Italian Giants Udinese today 2-2 in San Mames. Daniel Guiza hit another brace, and now has 4 goals in 2 games. If someone updates the European Nations Table, I think this cause should help Spain gain 1st place. Starman Guiza is the only Bilbao player that has scored a goal this year. In our next match against the deadly Man City, and it will be the first match the out of favor Yeste will start.
  15. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread I hope we can get Isaksson on loan, at least we'd give him UCL glory as a reward
  16. Re: Who's for the drop next season
  17. Re: The Top 40 Forumers Table - (Easter Version) I think people shouldn't be sore losers if they're not on the list. This list isn't official, it's just the sexy easter version If you really want to be put on that list later this year then people like Kevin should stop b-i-t-c-h-i-n-g about it.
  18. Re: Fenerbahce - Chelsea Not another Liverpool Chelsea Semi-Final This time we better win
  19. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread A good win, but a surprising win against Racing today 2-1. New starman Guiza scored both goals and Cavenaghi scored for Racing. Bilbao are in 2nd place now. Luis Garcia had an assist.
  20. Re: Real Worry at Newcastle I should have put the word 'eventually' in bold then It will take time, hopefully another Leeds United will not be the case
  21. Re: Real Worry at Newcastle Keegan I think is getting his team into shape, and with some huge signings possible in the summer, Newcastle could eventually become a threat.
  22. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Bilbao have completed brand new signings that will hopefully come before turn 5 David Belenguer looks set to move from Getafe and will be used as a very helpful substitute and will bring in a couple good seasons. Manuel Almunia also looks set to join Bilbao and next season could be a starter. Valdes will be the favored keeper, but Almunia will have Cup Matches to impress in. Both transfers are P/E only and no money will be lost. Yeste is still available for 8-10m.
  23. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread I don't care how long Dean Windass plays, I just love his name
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