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  1. Re: An Idea Most Scouts Won't Like I like this one... would be a great way to make sure people see the talent in players before they sign them based on their stats... and this doesn't stop smaller teams from building good sides. it just takes more time this way ..making it more realistic. You have to be more picky about your signings ...Atleast make it available for custom setups. Turn it on only if you wish.
  2. Re: Who's SM Forum's Arsene Wenger? if you are looking for the Wenger here then you have to look beyond youth squads...Apart from the insistence on youth you also expect attractive attacking fast tempo tactics , unwillingness to spend big on established players and sticking to old principles of football. You don't get to see many like that. In Arsene we trust.
  3. Re: TomOwen's Russian Rating Changes
  4. Alvin

    Match bug?

    Re: Match bug? That small bug ( if you can call it one ) has been around for as long as I can remember... just ignore it and move on.
  5. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins
  6. Re: World Champ 1 Manchester City would kick off their seasons with a friendly against Juventus tonight. "we hope to give few of the reserves a chance before the league starts to see what they can do and try out few of the players at new roles"
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings I surely expected Cazorla to be a 92 by the end of next changes. Knowing the way SM does these changes, it was perhaps one change too soon. But it was just a matter of time. He is 92 class. Had Silva been still playing and had his rise to 93 then I'm sure it would've made perfect sense to see Silva 93, Cazorla 92, Arteta 91. David Villa going up- I think I have to agree with this one. Toni missed out his 95 last season because Bayern doesn't play CL football. Though Valencia don't play in Champions League either, they are on top of La Liga which is of much higher standar
  8. Re: The Big Risers From All Over Europe
  9. Re: The Big Risers From All Over Europe
  10. Re: The Big Risers From All Over Europe
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings He has been good..He should go up by 1..
  12. Re: World Champ 1 The city Chairman has come out to share a word of applause for the works of the young manager.. " We always knew he was the right man for the job and now in two full seasons with the club he has taken us from third division anonymity to top division football. We've improved on and off the field..He's someone who prefers to do things the Wenger's way..we have some incredible teens who can make the step up soon. As a Chairman, its an easy place to be in. " The manager Alvin couldn't hide his joy either. " ..Feels great to be back to back runners-up . The club, the fans and
  13. Re: When you get caught in the quicksand! Thanks smartdoc..just saw this morning that my chairman has bought a player on a free transfer as one of my players had resigned at the end of the season to bring my squad size down to 17. Now I have 18 players. So I was wondering why SM can't do the same thing when a club gets torn between maintaining minimum 18 and selling a few to clear the debt... the chairman can bring in the extra player and we are no longer in the deadlock.. Anyway luckily for me I have 1 M in my account now....the math doesn't work out right..a million in cash injection and
  14. Re: Rick VAN WOLFSWINKEL This guy seems to be a huge prospect...here's something I read about him " 19-year-old striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel made his debut for Vitesse at the end of last season and is quickly developing into one of Holland’s most promising strikers. The striker is quick, strong on the ball and has a good individual action. Add his ability to find the net quite easily to these ingredients and the Vitesse striker has everything a striker needs to succeed at the highest level. "
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