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  1. Re: Need quick help. The only players worth getting instead of Nani are Ozil, Di Maria, Gotze, Hazard.. And definitely don't accept £16mil! That's a terrible offer and you won't get a decent replacement with that money.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Considering your current squad it's a pretty difficult, even deal.. But I would take Agger & Milner. Sahin was great for Dortmund and Mourinho wouldn't have bought him if he didn't feature in future plans. He has very few minutes because he's been injured and is still regaining fitness. It has yet to be seen how much potential he has, especially with all the competition at Madrid. Milner should definitely reach 91 in these changes and has been greatly consistent for Man City. Whilst Agger is always solid for Liverpool and probably their best defender.. Wh
  3. Re: Ryan Bertrand I'd keep him until the end of the season and then consider selling him depending upon what happens with the ratings.
  4. Re: neuer or casillas? In the short term Casillas is your best option as he's the highest rated GK, age isn't a problem and he's Real Madrid's #1 and will be until he retires - which won't be for 4+ years. He constantly keeps Valdes & Reina out of Spain's starting eleven. So I guess in this case, "short term" isn't really short.. For the long term however, I would favour Neuer. He's the best young keeper at the moment, plays for a strong Bayern Munich and is Germany's first choice. It'll be at least 2-3 seasons before he reaches Casillas' heights, but still a quality keeper. To be hone
  5. Re: Smörgåsbord is coming! I don't really care which team I have..
  6. Re: Jan Vertonghen or Jerome Boateng?Need Help... These days I'd have thought so yeah' date=' I was just saying Hummels is #1. Mertesacker has peaked and seriously needs to pick himself up @ Arsenal.[/color']
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would definitely stay away from Affelay and Turan.. Sow isn't bad for short term and Callejon's is an okay prospect for the future.. You could look at: - Muniain - Shaqiri - Eriksen - Mertens - Hazard - Gotze - Mata - Remy - Griezmann - Sturridge - Balotelli I'm guessing most - if not all - of these will be managed though.. What kind of budget do you have?
  8. Re: Kaka for Wilshere Kaka is currently keeping Ozil out of Real Madrid's starting eleven and will certainly maintain his rating for a while. He's also pretty cheap @ CV. However, Wilshere is a future star without a doubt and if he doesn't become injury prone I reckon he could definitely reach 94 in a few years time.. The only problem is that Arsenal rarely sell young talents and once they have moved, they're never as good as they were for the Gunners.. I just hope Arsenal become a top, top club once again and Wilshere fulfils his potential. For now I would keep Wilshere unless you're not g
  9. Re: Jan Vertonghen or Jerome Boateng?Need Help... Second or third choice' date=' yeah.. He's not going to be priority over Hummels.. Still, he is part of Germany's future and Bayern Munich's.[/color']
  10. Re: Looking for young rising strikers Grosskreutz is a good player to have, but here are some others to consider as well.. - Seydou Doumbia (89) - Pablo Osvaldo (89) - Antoine Griezmann (88) - Luuk De Jong (88) - Ricky Van Wolfswinkel (88) - Moussa Dembele (88) - Leandro Damiao (87) - Pinheiro Kleber (87) - Abel Hernandez (87) - Danny Welbeck (87) - Daniel Sturridge (87) All good players and all very affordable with your budget. I'm not sure if you said you were considering it, but don't get rid of Strootman! Oh, and someone's just suggested Lukaku.. Not a good idea as you'll be
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Based on potential. Atletico Madrid aren't performing very well right now and it'll be quite some time before Cech needs replacing at Chelsea. Ter Stegen may not be at a top club but it won't be long before he moves' date=' plus everybody knows he's fantastic. Leno I would rate very slightly below Ter Stegen as he has to compete for a place with Adler, who's obviously more proven currently. However, Leno has impressed.[/color']
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