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  1. Re: Chairman Buying Players I last checked it last night and then checked it 20 minutes ago. So 12 hours apart, transfers don't usually go fast that through so I assumed it went through instantly but I've seen images of others but they didn't allow them to cancel the deal. This is a known SM bug and they've now sorted it. If anybody else has had a transfer completed due to this bug you can report it and they'll reverse it.
  2. Re: Chairman Buying Players I've got a Football League Championship side as a mid-Premiership side. And it buys players that the current club has? Yeah that's a way to move a club forward. Even Roman wouldn't be that stupid. At least he blows his money on the top strikers. My mid-Premiership side has just bought a striker from a League One (third division) side.
  3. Chairman Buying Players I wasn't aware of this feature, but I have one question... Why is my chairman buying players for me?! He's just spent a significant amount of money on a player that wouldn't sit on my bench on a bad day, all because he plays for the club in real life, has just signed in fact. I know unmanaged clubs buy current players, and that is stupid. But if it becomes the case with managed clubs I may just quit.
  4. Re: Leaving Manager In real life if say, Messi was worth £100m and a team bid £100m, does that mean Barcelona have to accept? No, it doesn't. There is more to the game than the money. It's not a case that every club must sell their players for the maximum value available, and if they can't drive it up, for whatever the value. What if, shock horror, the club don't want to sell the player? No, that is not the case, an unmanaged club will sell any player. That is what is stupid.
  5. When a manager leaves a club in a significantly different state to what he found it the club always goes backwards. Clubs seem to always bid for their real world players and therefore when a manager leaves a club they all go back to their old in-game clubs. If the old manager got them promoted then the start to not be able to cope with the league and end up getting relegated. It is as though when a manager leaves it tries to revert to what the team would be like in real life, slowly accepting bids for players that belong to other clubs in real life and not making any in-going transfer movement
  6. Has anybody found that clubs that have players of far better quality are bidding for players on loan that wouldn't get into their team on a bad day. I have a 16 year old 73 rated player and teams such as Tottenham are bidding for them on loan when he could set a lower division alight such as the 5th division. This is getting really irritating as I want to send him somewhere he will play and I just get offer after offer from the top division.
  7. Re: Help with Players Sent from contactus@soccerwiki.org I could have made that up, but if you don't believe me you don't believe me. It adds more weight but I can't just get them put on like that. But even if you didn't believe me, you should help add them to improve the game
  8. Hi, I'm a Soccer Wiki scout and my main thing recently is getting the latest bunch of 'Youth turned Pro' players onto the system. The main requirement to be on the game is that they're a professional contract, so players on a youth contract do not count. Here is where I hit a glitch. At Leeds United they don't really update their squads too often so it still says their youth players that signed are in the academy, that's if the votee's even bother to do that much research, I suspect a quick Google which brings back hits but no Wikipedia page. Two players that signed a one-year contract extens
  9. Re: Realistic Finances No it doesn't give any advantages but it makes it less realistic. One negative effect though is promotion. £8m I got for promotion to Division 1, in real life it's worth £60m, although I don't expect that, but more than £8m.
  10. The finances on this game are too unrealistic. It's a brilliant game but way too unrealistic and that's why playing in a world with lots of players is so much more different because in reality, players are worth a lot more than their value. But in many cases they're overvalued. I'm a Leeds fan so I'll give some examples from my team. Jason Pearce, we've bought him for £500k, he's valued at £3,720,000. We've also let the following players contract run out as they weren't worth transfer listing as a significant fee wouldn't have been gained. Significant been around £150k and up, and usually th
  11. Re: Chairman I always have loan problems with my chairman. I wanted to loan one of my strikers out, he was 5th in the pecking order and he is mid-20's. He wouldn't let me loan him out.
  12. Surely this needs to be done on Average Points not Total Points. It's not very good because in some leagues you will play more games. And if a manager hasn't been there as long. For example I am 3rd but I've played 9 games less than 1st, and if I win all my "games in hand" then I would be first, my average points is higher than everybody else's, surely it should be done on the average to give a true reflection? Although there should be some limit so that you can't become top after 1 game if your first game is a win.
  13. Re: Gameworlds becoming more and more empty, and loaning system needs a change? What's wrong with allowing the bigger clubs to lower their wages by loaning to external clubs. That's what happens in real life. The big clubs loan to the needy clubs.
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