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  1. Re: How is it posible Thanks its really hard to play with i have bastian and khedira on his position.and another concern ocurred with curtois about his lack of games???
  2. My Sahin played 23 games of 35 and he is unhappy?????
  3. Re: Abate or Gonzalo Castro? could he hit 91 in this review
  4. Re: future superstars i would ad Courtois GK and Ter-Stegen GK
  5. ZTeq

    Help please

    i dont know what to do,i play 4-4-2 and i doesnt work in 9 games i have 12 points and i conceed 17 goals this is my best XI NEUER LAHM,VIDIC,PUYOL,MARCELO, NANI,SCHWEINSTEIGER,SAHIN,RIBERY ROONEY,BENZEMA what tactic should i play and how am i conceeding so much goals
  6. Re: Star Players of The Future is that kurt zouma from st.etiene
  7. ZTeq

    What is this?

    Re: What is this? thank you very much
  8. Hello i need some help.its about gold manager i had it for 2 months and it exepired.now i am still a gold manager and it says like this You have -1 day of your Zlatni menadžment remaining What is this??? when it will stop
  9. Re: Neymar or Hazard? I agree that Neymar is in better NT for now.but belgium have young team that will soon be very respective NT.
  10. Re: Neymar or Hazard? I would go for HAZARD.Neymar isnt good as him.Its question how will play Neymar when he comes to europe.
  11. i placed the bid for aguero benzema and some money he counter it with sahin and benzema.problem is i dont want to give sahin because he is my starter in subs i only have khedira i counter it with wallcot and benzema because i have hazard as sub for ribery and nani on the wing a i dont se some potential in him what should i do is aguero worth benzema and sahin
  12. Re: Urgent Help Needed i will keep those bolded
  13. Re: Ugliest Players Ribery,Gomis,Tevez
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