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  1. R. Dias, Klosterman, Ndidi, Elvedi. Can you please rank them? For CB position. Thanks!
  2. B.Mendy, F.Mendy, Hakimi Who should leave? My question is for LB position. At the right side i have Kimmich and TAA so i'm good..
  3. Well thank you very much, first of all. I know i should do rotation and i do. As i mentioned, i play 4-3-3 B which mean i don't use AMs. Is Aouar still worth keeping? Is he going to move? If you don't care, just couple of questions: 1.Did Alli reached his peak? 2. SMS isn't going to move to a bigger club for another year (at least)?
  4. Hello guys, my midfield is pretty overloaded.. I have: Niguez, Alli, SMS, Ndombele, FDJ, Can, Havertz, Rodri, Aouar, R.Neves, Arthur.. I usually plays 4-3-3 B and have lots of cup/shield games every season. At the moment i tend to sell Alli, SMS, Can, Neves and doubtful about Aouar. My project is a long term one so keep that in mind.. Am i in the right direction? Your help guys will be very much appreciated! cheers!
  5. Everything's working just fine for me.. 🤷‍♂️
  6. First of all - thanks! I just want to make sure - you are saying i should sell Pavard and Sanchez at the defense and Torreira at the midfield. Pavard is moving to bayern - This move shouldn't rise his potential massively? Gimenez isn't going to rise within two months? and Torreira?
  7. Forgot to mention that Havertz will be available in june too.
  8. Hey guys, i will appreciate your help. My 4 at the back are Kimmich, Jimenez/Stones, Skriniar, B.mendy I also have Christensen, Pavard, and D.Sanchez as subs. Pavard and Christensen have concerns and i assume Sanchez will develop one too soon enough.. I also have J.Gomez, TAA and Militao out on loan. So, who should i sell? I see people in here say that Pavard isn't that good and i know Christensen doesn't play.. Oh, and De ligt will be available in june. At midfield i have Saul, B.Silva, Alli, SMS, Keita, Can, Ndombele and Torreira. The latter two have concerns. I have Arthur and De jong out on loan. The same question - Who should i sell? I prefer keep Can due to his Versatility (unless he's dropping obviously). So i'm thinking maybe Keita due to his lack of game time. Thanks in advance!
  9. Is Mckennie of schalke worth keeping? Pavard is a 92+ material? Thanks!
  10. Pavard, Christensen, D.Sanchez - Which one to sell? Keita, SMS, Can, Ndombele, Torreria - same question.. Thanks in advance!
  11. Sell L.Bailey for Jovic? What is the potential of bailey? Thanks!
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