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  1. Re: Real Madrid Tactical Advice Yes, forward arrows on right back and left back, forward arrow on attacking midfielder and arrows cutting inside on the wingers. I find that using these tactics and thinking smart about squad rotation, for example if you have cup game on Tuesday against a weaker team then a game against a stronger team on the Wednesday; rest your big players such as Ronaldo, Ozil etc against the weaker team(don't even have them on your substitute bench) then they will be nice and rested for the bigger game. Don't use a player for the full 90 minutes if their condition is be
  2. Re: Real Madrid Tactical Advice I use these tactics but I have added a few players to the squad and like to rotate my starting 11 (when a players condition drops below 90% I tend to rest them if it's a less important game) but I have won the league 2 seasons running Tackling style - Normal Mentality - Attacking Passing style - Mixed or short (I have experimented with both) Attacking style - Mixed Tempo - Fast Pressing - All over Then tick "counter attack", "play offside trap" and "use target man". Casillas as my captain Ronaldo as my free kick taker and penalty taker Ozil or A
  3. I have just taken over AC Milan in Italian Championship 8985 and I'm struggling with what tactics to use for them, I tend to use 4-2-3-1 but I don't think it is very suitable for AC Milan. Can anyone suggest what tactics would best suit them?
  4. Re: bayern munich original formation, tactics
  5. Re: Whats your opinion? All I know about him is that he came through the Borussia Dortmund youth academy and has played mainly for their reserves and 1 or 2 appearances for the first team but he spent most of last season sidelined with a knee injury.
  6. Re: if you help me you will handsome like me I would set up with a 4-2-3-1 formation with the following players: Hart Richards - Carvalho - Martinez - Clichy De Jong - Y. Toure Silva - Kaka - Nasri Aguero Set up tactics for "winning at 60 minutes" and "losing or drawing at 60 minutes" If you're winning then substitute Kaka for Lescott and move Martinez to midfield and switch to 4-5-1 defensive with De Jong as the holding midfielder. If you're losing or drawing substitute Kaka for Tevez and move Aguero back to the "number 10" role and have Tevez as your main striker and swap De Jon
  7. Re: need some improving my squad especial my df
  8. Re: Whats your opinion? They're all good prospects but I don;t think all of them will make it big, the main ones I'd keep are Gokhan Tore, Vaclav Pilar and Lars Unnerstall, Gokhan Tore seems an amazingly talented prospect, since signing from Chelsea he has made that right wing spot his and statistically he was one of the best dribblers in the Bundesliga last season. Vaclav Pilar has just signed for Wolsburg and from what I've seen of him playing for the Czech Republic during the first 2 games of Euro 2012 he looks like an awesome winger in the making. Lars Unnnerstall also looks like a gre
  9. Re: My Danny Alves for Ferdinand and Tevez NO! Keep Dani Alves. Ferdinand is slowly but surely declining....it's only a matter of time before his rating start to fall Tevez is a quite a risky buy; dependant on if he stays with Manchester City and recaptures his form he may rise back to 94 or he may keep dropping. Dani Alves will be a safe 95 for a good few years
  10. Re: Gundogan or Tiote...... I support Newcastle United so I'm a huge fan of Tiote, he does everything you'd expect from a "no nonsense" defensive midfielder; breaks up play, protects the back four then quickly passes the ball to our flair players to start an attack. The only criticism I have of him is that he isn't a brilliant ball playing DM but he does get the job done and controls the tempo of the game very well. I am also a big follower of Borussia Dortmund and German football and I have seen Gundogan play for both Dortmund and the German national team and he looks like a very promisin
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