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  1. Re: Houtan Delfi - Big young talent from Australia Did this kid try out for any youth league teams when they were going on??..
  2. Re: 10 Football League Youngsters To Watch In 2009 thats the first thing i thought...where is Delph??!! oh well it does come back to one person's opinion and in the in only time will tell.
  3. Re: Abdülkadir Kayalı - U17 turkish talent I think its good he has stayed in Turkey.. he will be more comfortable and probably developed better and quicker at home especially after he has moved now to a bigger club. Keep an eye on this kid.
  4. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. Its good that both him and Tosic have signed for Man Utd, always good to have a former team mate around. Also Tosic's early move definatly gives Adem some more game to to develop before he makes the move. Haha looks like i need to add to my sig "Discovered Adem Ljajuc" haha or not lol:p
  5. Re: Jeroen Zoet - U17 Dutch Keeper. things are looking good for the kid.. was a massive talent at the national youth tournaments:cool:
  6. Re: Aleks VRTESKI - The 'Aussy Mace' Perth Glory the A-League's best club... your dreaming mate. Not a bad talent...i woulndnt be predicting to much from this kid just yet, i cant say the Macedonian league is up there with the best.
  7. Re: Abdou Traoré - Bordeaux's Malian Riser I really doubt getting 5 starts will give him a rise of 5! more likely would be a rise of 2 or so..
  8. Re: Aleksandr MINCHENKOV the only thing i really find interesting on this post is he was born in 1989 yet he is still only 17 in late 2008:confused:
  9. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. Another one of my old old posts that took off as soon as i left the forum!! lol... wow in the 6 months i dropped out of the loop so much has happend with this guy...pumped to see what the next 6 months bring for him and me now i have signed him!
  10. Re: KEKO - Ateltico Gem and Canales (Future Stars) wow.....i have been gone for this addictive game for about 6 months or so... having previously done posts on numerous future talents its weird coming on to see them actually finally added and not only that people lively discussing them... well anyway borogz is back:p
  11. Re: Nikon Jevtic- Serbian Wonderkid!!! this kid has already been posted about, if you want to update any info about him post it there: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=3337&highlight=Nikon+Jevtic That came up by just typing his name in the search function. Its there for a reason.
  12. Re: U-19 UEFA Championship finals Greece Michalis Pavlis Born on 22 September 1989, Pavlis plays as striker and is currently signed to AEK Athens. He made his debut for his club on 3 September 2007 in the second leg of the Champions League Fixture against Sevilla. During his debut he played for 30 minutes during this time he won a pentaly and also made life very difficult for the defenders. He scored his first Super League goal against Veria on January 12th 2008 after coming on as a sub. So far his club career as consisted of 6 sub with 1 goal. His career so far representing his countr
  13. Re: arsenal players are underrated As i said on my previous post, whenever i see this type of thread created by a fan it always makes me laugh. And reading more of these respones since my last post has made me laugh even more, their are some classic in there like gerrard is the best cm in the world haha...
  14. Re: Italics Font for Unmanaged Clubs i posted about this 2 days ago asking the same question... and from the few respones their it would seem that we all feel the same way and want this little feature brought back!
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