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  1. Re: Esteban Granero. again mate, this was posted before your thread!
  2. Re: LORIK CANA I am glad to see that he has had a rating rise to 91. But he has also changed his position to just straight DM. wasnt hoping for that one. oh well!
  3. Re: Clement Grenier U17 french starlet. he prob wont be added for a little while as he hasnt got a professional contract anywhere, so until he signs one then makes his first team debut he is unlikely to be added.
  4. Clement Grenier The teenage forward, who plays at right wing for the U16 Lyon team was born on January 7, 1991. He has got 2 caps for the french under 17's and scored 3 goals and has starred for the France Under-17team this year. He is yet to sign a professional contract for Lyon and Arsene Wenger is keen to sign the young forward before he puts pen to paper at the french club. Obviously Lyon are keen to keep him and let him progress through there ranks as the like of Benzema and Ben Arfa have done. Labelled by observers as 'the new kaka' he will be one to watch out for.
  5. Re: Andrei Arshavin I reckon he will stay at 92 for the next russian changes, even though there a quite a few weeks away. He has performed well under Hiddink so he will stay.
  6. Re: Anyone want to see Greig Spence Naked? i think for making such a big call, eyebrows need to be shaved aswell not just your hair. haha just joking, hair sounds fair enough!
  7. Re: LORIK CANA if he doesnt change in tomorrow's change send a ticket in to SM saying why he should be.
  8. Re: Football as a religion. Thanks Liam on that one, i can add that in as a reference. The article is exactly what i am talking about, thanks mate.
  9. Re: Football as a religion. I am anti-religion as well so your not alone. I go to the University of Western Sydney. From what i have read they actually refer to hooliganism and the people that perpetrate violence as the extremists of the football religion, just like you would find in any other religion.
  10. Re: Football as a religion. Oh it is a culture, it is a football culture that it almost the same world wide thats why they call it the world game, but i am trying to argue in my assingment and as i have seen in some research is that it has developed into more then just a culture. It has gone just from being a part of someones identity to be part of a club to actually being that is what their whole life revolves around. if that makes sense.
  11. Re: Football as a religion. Yeah i am saying that each fan base is a religion but not a different religion really as the all adhere to the same practices. Its like have a bunch of different churches for the same religion. But i am talking about generally that football has become like a religion as peoples lives used to revolve around the church, but now a lot of people lives revolve around football. People follow football not just because they like the game itself but because they feel an association to the club etc. they feel part of something bigger then themselves. This is the feeling people used to get when going to church. haha i do wonder what a table tennis association religion would be like??
  12. Re: Football as a religion. oh and no joke there is a church in argentina called the "church of maradona" where the worship him! its got heaps of members apperantly!
  13. Re: Football as a religion.
  14. Re: Football as a religion. common guys. it would help my assingment if anyone had an opinion!!!
  15. Re: Spanish Ratings Metzelder will stay the same, has been out injuried i think it needed surgery. Pepe will also stay the same. Drenthe should be plus 1. Balboa just isnt getting the game time. so might even decrease.
  16. Re: LORIK CANA I cannot understand why nasri gets an increase to 92 which he deserves in my opinion but Cana doesnt get the increase he deserves to 91, he has been a key player for them this season.
  17. Re: Andrei Arshavin until he moves from the russian league i really doubt he will rise higher then 92.
  18. Hi everyone my name is brogan. I am currently doing a Bach. of Social Science at Univeristy. Anyway for research project i am conducting i decided to look at "Football as a religion". Now i am looking at the beliefs of football fans (such as yourselves). Do you believe that football is like a religion? Has it developed into a surrogate religion for people? I relate football to that of a religion, as people plan and devote their lives around not just their club but to the game itself. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Re: Spanish Ratings He is out of favor currently, it also appears he is leaving madrid in the summer.
  20. Re: Spanish Ratings I thought i was something like that, i just wanted to check though. Make sure there wasnt a player set for a decent rise that i didnt know about!!
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