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  1. Re: Kyle's Bundesliga 1 rating changes part 1 (Top 9 Teams) Now correct me if i am wrong but, i cleary remember last rating changes when we were saying Toni should go up to 95 and when he didnt we were told that there was a cap of 94 for the Bayern players this season because they were not in the Champions League. But now Ribery has risen to 95 which i am not saying he shouldnt have, i would just like to know the reasoning behind it?? and why rise to 95 but Toni didnt last rating changes??...
  2. Re: Joe's Dutch Player Ratings Forecast Luis Saurez didnt rise to 90:eek: i thought he would have, considering his strike partner got to 92 i was hoping Saurez would get to 90.
  3. Re: Australia vs China game! ref was a joke, to not give a red for the tackle on luke wilkshire and to award the penetly. china played a poor game on their home ground, australia were unlucky not to grab victory.
  4. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report lavezzi i think will stay at 90, i know he has been performing well but he tends to be a bit hot and cold, and he was prob lucky to get to 90 last go round. But there is still about 6 weeks or so before the changes he may deserve a 91 by then.
  5. Re: What!! i hope these dont occur as much as match injuries do! otherwise my whole team could be out!...I wonder why they havent posted this on the blog?..maybe they will later today.
  6. Re: madrid sign 'wonderkid' a lot of effort to not be very funny.
  7. Re: South American Superstars Part 1 He has been added to the DB Player Name: Santo ALEX TEIXEIRA Club Name: Vasco da Gama Squad: Senior Squad Age: 18 years old Born: 6 January 1990 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Striker (F) Foot: Right Rating: 73 Last Rating Change: 0 SM Value: £209,000 Contract: 2 Years - £3,550 per Turn
  8. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report Mario Balotelli-80-3-136-0-0-80 I think he will rise to 82 or 83 as since he reached 80 he has played a few more first grade games. Any thoughts people?
  9. Re: Guy asulin MASSIVE PROSPECT There are already a number of threads on him and i posted about him making his international debut only yesterday! anyway good for people to know about him. One question i did have was if he makes his international debut does he get added to the db??
  10. Re: Barca youngster - big talent!! now i know this thread got a bit confusing but i thought i would let people know that Gai Assulin looks set to make his debut for Israel next week as he has been named in the squad for the friendly against chile. Now if he makes his international debut will he be added to the game?
  11. Re: Zapata Or Micha Richards?? Richards he has been playing in the england side so thats a positive. Though Zapata has been linked with some of the bigger Itialian clubs, but i read the other day that his agent believes he will stay at Udinese for another season.
  12. Re: Martin Skrtel Even if he is Agger's understudy isnt he out for a few months now?..so i can see skrtel getting consisent games for the rest of the season. I reckon 90 for his performances with zenit and now with liverpool.
  13. Re: Bentley 30 million was stopped by his chairmen:mad: oh well he has accepted 25 now i am still happy with that. hopefully that will go through.
  14. Re: Bentley i have made a counter offer of 24 million. We will see what the other manager thinks. Cheers guys. Well he just accepted. Thanks guys. I just noticed that he was after ashley young from a different team but had offered 40 million! so i cancel his deal and reoffered bentley for 30 million. He accepted. Not bad when i was almost going to accept 19 million.
  15. I have had an offer for david bentley of 19 million. I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on his prospects in the future??
  16. Re: Contract renewel. yeah he has two years left on his contract. I hope to resign him before he increases next rating changes.
  17. i want to renew the contract of Ever Banega. He does not have a transfer ban. The only options to chose from for this player are Transfer status, offer clubs, squad status and release. There is no renew contract option?? what is going on? i can renew the contract's of my other players but not banega?
  18. Re: CHRISANTUS, Macauley ok i was close but not quite right. He has joined the HSV amateur side and is going to gain a professional contract in July 2008. http://goal.com/en-us/Articolo.aspx?ContenutoId=479602
  19. Re: CHRISANTUS, Macauley as far as i am aware of he isnt eligable to play for Hamburg 1st team until he turns 18.
  20. Re: Forestieri Fernando seems he is getting a fair bit of playing time for being so young with 2 starts and 11 subs for 455 minutes. How has he been playing?
  21. borogz


    Re: Contracts Well just thought i would update and let you know the go. it turns out that when you sign a player from another team there pay does go up but it looks as though the contract length stays the same. Mcgeady's pay went up to 44,000 or there abouts from just over 20,000.
  22. Re: Ignacio Camacho Just saw the rumour on tribalfootball.com aswell: Arsenal are chasing Atletico Madrid sensation Ignacio Camacho. The People says Wenger knows he must act quickly if he is to lure the Spain Under-17 captain to the Emirates after the midfielder burst into prominence on his first-team debut last weekend. Camacho was excellent as he played most of Atletico's 4-2 victory over Barcelona. Despite his age he would still cost the Gunners more than £5million
  23. Re: Ignacio Camacho Reddevil where did you see that about arsenal wanting him???
  24. Re: Ignacio Camacho Oh well lest its a good sign that he was on the bench.
  25. Re: Australian 11 year old. i never said he was going to be the next big thing i was just letting forumers know about him.
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