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  1. Re: mario balotelli oh well if he continues in this form for the rest of the season when the next rating changes come around hopefully a rise to high 80's.
  2. Re: mario balotelli Another 2 goals for Inter today. Inter drew the cup tie 2-2 and won on penalties but Balotelli played a staring role for inter with the teams 2 goals and causing havoc in for the opposing defenders. how good can this kid get?! i think his rating of 80 was definetly justified.
  3. Re: The Argentine Pato i know he is there. i have seen him in one of my setups but wat i am saying is that he is not there in my custom setup.
  4. Re: The Argentine Pato he still isnt in my custom setup i have checked all the new players i have searched his name but no luck.
  5. Hi just throught i would bring this player to the forum's attention. Found on goal.com. Excitement is growing at Juventus over the future of 14-year-old Andrea Schiavone, so talented that he is already set to be called up to play for the Primavera side. Schiavone has been described as having an uncanny similarity to the style of play of Milan superstar Andrea Pirlo. The midfielder is so far superior to those in his age-group at Juventus that he is set to be called up to play with players three-to-four years older than him in the Primavera side. "For Andrea age-group is not a problem,” said his current Coach Domenico Maggiora. “He has a very strong personality and I am convinced that he will already be playing for the Primavera side in the Spring. “He contests the game well, jumps and heads well and has a great shot, especially with his right foot.” “He has the quality of Andrea Pirlo in the way that he sees and reads the game. He also can be compared to [Daniele] De Rossi due to his dynamism and fight.” Defiently looks a player to keep an eye on for next season.
  6. Re: The Argentine Pato He has been added in the world champ setup i am in but not the custom setup??..dunno wats going on.
  7. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure neymar signed his first professional contract at santos on Sunday but the club has put a 50 million dollar buyout clause in there this was apperantly done to discourage european clubs to buy him for a while.
  8. Re: TomOwen's Argentinian Rating Changes has the argentina league just started again???..
  9. Re: The Argentine Pato he came on as a sub in the 53rd minute. unfortunaltly his team lost 1-0 to Lanus. I have emailed SM about his appearence so hopefully will see him added soon.
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings Villa has fallen from 95 to 94 today and rightly so.
  11. Re: The Argentine Pato hey all just that i would make a quick update on Ahmed post. Independiente play Lanus tonight. So Patricio Rodriguez aka the Argentina Pato could make his official league debut tonight. Will keep people posted whether he plays tonight or not.
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings yeah i saw maxi went up well all i can say is if he has gone up to 93 then SNEIJDER should have gone up to 94 which hasnt happened yet! i really can see no reason for him not being increased to 94 he has been a key part of real madrid success this season.
  13. Re: BRENO Vinicius Borges just checked. he didnt come on as a sub in the game last night.
  14. Re: Ucar Ugur - is he the next big thing? the simple answer to your question is no he is not the next big thing. he made his debut at 17 so that could account for is rating of 88 but even then 88 for a 20 year old isn't extraordinary.
  15. Re: mario balotelli he has scored again the other night. What to people reckon his rating will go up to the coming Italian rating changes?
  16. Re: Danny Wellbeck until he playes a game for united he wont be added.
  17. Re: Australian Talent The A-League is in its 3rd year but it is still just beginning and developing. There are only 8 teams and next year the probably going to expand and create another two teams. But the reason there is a lack of australian talent out there is because the youth system is still being created and developed. In the first year of the A-league not many youth players got a go it has only been this year that more youth are getting a chance.
  18. Re: Australian Talent yes for example Kruse and Zullo who both play for Qld Roar. Both have made their debut this season but as i said they have been mentioned a lot throughout the season espically zullo who at 18 was called up to the olyroos u-23 squad but didnt play.
  19. Re: Australian Talent its not to hard if you live here!...most of the players mentioned have been on the australian A-League scene quite often over the past year or two. Particulary as the Olyroos qualified for Beijing and players like Djite and my favourite Mark Milligan were being mentioned week in week out for there sucess.
  20. Re: Australian Talent Just an update on Nathan Burns "Adelaide United FC and Qantas Under 23’s striker Nathan Burns has been invited for a 10 day trial with Norwegian Champions SK BRANN. Burns flew out of Adelaide late this afternoon bound for Norway looking to impress the Norwegian club. If Burns is able to secure a contract overseas that he is happy with then the club will not stand in his way."
  21. Re: Spanish Ratings Anyone got any ideas on his rating change?
  22. Re: Spanish Ratings Jonas GUTIERREZ how has he been performing at Mallorca this season?.. what are peoples thoughts on his rating change?
  23. Re: Corluka Yeah thats fair enough. Thanks mate.
  24. I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on a future rise for this man city defender. I know he has just been given a rise to 91 but what are peoples thoughts on the future for this player?
  25. Re: Players NOT to buy i dunno about deco and ronaldinho, i mean i know they are going to drop. deco from 95 to 94/93 and ronaldinho from 98 to 97/96 even with these drops they are still worth keeping or buying if ronaldinho drops to 96 he is still one of the best in the game isnt that worth having??
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