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  1. I am just wondering which player people would prefer to have in their team. which player has the greater potential??? Luka Modric age:22 rating 91 or Samir Nasri age:20 rating 91
  2. Re: Australian Talent I think pafata came on as a sub in last nights final game of the season for melbourne. The best two players two look out for in the next few years would be Milligan who was looking for a move away from sydney at the beginning of this season and had a couple of trials in france but due a disagreement with a coach over there and becuase he didnt have permission from Sydney Fc to go over there he came back. So he might be making a move over to europe somewhere in the next few months. Nathan Burns would be the other one to look out for his contract at Adeliade is running out at the end of this season and the word is he is looking out of the club. Currently the bigger A-league clubs are sniffing around, but a move to europe has always been his target so i wouldnt be surprised if he went for a few trials. hope this helps people just a bit more info. Go sydney!!
  3. Re: Australian Talent ha mate. if you actually look. we both joined the forum in November 2007. so wouldnt that make us both new signings. And just because i dont post very much if at all, does not mean that i do not read nearly every youth scout post.
  4. Re: Australian Talent A lot of these have been mentioned before. And its a waste of space if you just cut and past what you found on wikipedia. Just past a link.
  5. Re: 4 future milan signings as was mentioned before PATO has already made is debut for AC Milan. Due to his age he had to wait until January 3rd i think to be able to play officailly in Italy.
  6. Re: IVANOVIC, Branislav so now he is officially a chelsea player will he rating be reviewed this week or next or will SM wait until next time round?
  7. So he has just signed with Chelsea, currently rated 88, i was just wondering whether he would be rated next english rating changes and if so will he go up or stay the same?
  8. borogz


    Re: Pepe! i disagree. He hasnt been a regular in the Real Madrid line up this season with only 5 starting appearences and 1 sub appereance in La Liga. He deserves his current rating of 91 if not a decrease next rating changes.
  9. Re: Ivan Rakitic well with all these other facts and figures, what do you think he should rise to?
  10. Re: Ivan Rakitic i was just checking his stats again, he has played all 14 games so far this season only 4 off the bench, played a total of 922 minutes and scored 2 goals! not bad for this young croatian. German changes are far away what are people predictions for this young player?
  11. Re: Yssouf KONE ah nice work herby. That was my plan for a p/e. Dont think i did to bad for my first scouting post. borogz.
  12. Re: Yssouf KONE glad i could help! well the next ratings changes for Norway wont come round for a while, i think the norway season has finished, not 100% on that though. Unless he moves to a bigger club i cant see him improving to much more. Might be worth trading him when you can, or keep an eye on him and how he performs next season for Rosenborg. My plan is to sell him for some profit, or if a player comes up to trade him. borogz.
  13. Re: Yssouf KONE Kone just got his update he has gone from 76 and only being worth 678K to a rating of 84 and being worth 3.6m, nice tidy little profit for anyone who picked him up. borogz.
  14. Vorsah is a 19 yr old, he currently plays for TSH 1899 Hoffenheim in bundesliga 2. He has played 13 out of 13 games this season for 1062 minutes and scored 1 goal he is a defender on SM but playing as a mid in his games. He made his debut for Ghana 21-8-2007 he is rated 72 and currently only rated 90K! surely a good pick up for when the german changes come round again. and thoughts people?! borogz. Name: Isaac VORSAH Nationality: Ghana. Rating: 72 age: 19
  15. Re: Carlos VILLANUEVA any stats or why we should sign him?
  16. Re: Scottish Clubs i know you guys are focusing on scottish players here, but what about the Australian striker Scott Mcdonald 13 goals in like 10 games for Celtic. He is currently rated 87, what is your opinion on a rate rise for Mcdonald as he is currently on fire and i belive at least deserves 90.
  17. Hey guys Only recently become an addict to SM. My first post here we go. KONE currently plays for Rosenburg he is the leading scorer in the UEFA with 12 goals he also has scored 9 goals this season. He is 25 yrs old and rated only 76, with the norway rating changes coming up next week he might be a good short term investment costing about 370K. I am sure he will go up a few points, the average for Rosenburg is about 83-84. so might be looking at at least 82 for KONE. let me know what you thing guys. My apoligies guys just found he has been mentioned before. Just consider this an update of him! borogz.
  18. Re: Next Generation Team - Suggestions? I read somewhere that the twins have signed with Man Utd but wont but being going over there until they are 18 (currently 17) so they are still with Fluminese until they turn 18. So they might get a game before they head off to Man Utd.
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