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  1. Re: State of the Forum? I have read all the posts on here I do agree with whoever pointed out how ironic it is for two forumers to fight in this thread:rolleyes: From my expeirence on the forum over the 3/4 year i dont think it has changed terribly i did vote yes, but not to the greatest extent. The only real issue that gets me annoyed and as most people seem to agree is the deteration of some threads into slanging matches agaisnt each other. There is no need to have a go at someone for what team they support. For mind it is also important for new comers to read the rules and i reckon be forced to have a quick tutorial on how to use the search function. anyway thats my two cents.
  2. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED
  3. Re: Uros Palibrk (15 Year Old) thanks for the pm/ some good research has gone into this post, well done. We shall see how he performs in the youth sides at milan.
  4. Re: Tsatallios Retiring???!!
  5. Re: Say Goodbye To Gilardino:(:( :eek: i seriously doubt he is australian, which any way there is no need to generalise saying that he is another dirty italian player and for all the australians including me who stayed up into the early hours of the morning to watch Italy v Australia in the Worldcup, he did dive:mad: :mad: I admit it was inexperience on behalf of lucas neill to go down for a slide in the box at the crucial point in the game. I have always been at conflict with whether it was good that Italy eventually won the world cup considering that Australia had outplayed them for most of the game.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... yes, you should, you can buy better quality players for that 30 million.
  7. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. i did say in the post that next season he will step up to the first team. Hence he hasnt played for the first team yet. I have added in he is currently not on DB, i just forgot to put it in the original post, thank you for bringing it to my attention:p
  8. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED With CSKA Sofia also being thrown out of the Champions League qualification it looks as though AC Milan will get a free pass back into the tourament:eek:
  9. Adem Ljajic So I have briefly mentioned this player before in regards to the U-17 Uefa championship, but as this player was key to Serbia actually getting to the tournament he deserves his own thread. He was born 29/09/1991, He is of Bosnian origin so there has been the usual which team to play for but I think he has chosen Serbia at full international level. He is currently signed to FK Partizan currently playing in there youth side, though I would expect he will step up to the first team next season. As mentioned he was a star for the Serbian U-17 side and with Aleksic has been tipped as a future star of the Serbia National side. He plays in the right midfield position, controlling the midfield. He has great passing ability, great vision and is very aggressively minded player. There are two video's that show is passing ability and great vision Video 1 Video 2 There is currently a tournament which I have never heard about until researching Ljajic which is called M17, I do not know to much about this tournament as all its information is in Spanish, if anyone can read Spanish PM me! Lol anyway…. From what I can tell It is currently being in Torino and is basically the U-17 Club World Cup and is called Quixote Trophy this is the 4th time this tournament has been held, I think the clubs actually get invited to this tournament by whoever organises it. There are 16 teams these include: Real Madrid, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Villareal, Espanyol, Albacete, Barcelona, Torino, Boavista, Partizan, Deportivo Cruz (Mexico), DC United (USA), Penarol (Uruguay), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Asec Mimosas (Cote d`Ivore) and Beijing Guoan (China). The tournament started on the 25th may and the final with will be held on the 6th June, so hopefully we can see what Adem can do in the final. It doesn’t appear to have Fifa backing as there is no information on their website. In the past two years FK Partizan have won third and second with Jovetic winning best player of the tournament. Anyway back to Adem….so far in the tournament he has scored four goals and has been a key to his team progress from the group phase to quarter final stage where FK Partizan beat Real Madrid 3-1 the Semi Final with which his team is playing Espanyol is being played today. Apperantly after FK Partizan’s win over Real Madrid the Spanish papers are full of articles about Adem Ljajic with one headline basically saying “Sensational Ljajic”. Currently not on DB He is defiantly one to watch out for in the coming season. Sorry that I got a bit of topic in there!
  10. Re: Great scrorers Jyndevad wasnt being a tool to you, he can reply however he wants. This isnt classed as scouting because scouting is based upon real life abilities of players not in game abilities. As i could have a player that is rated 71 but scores 30 goals a season yet a player that is rated 93 doesnt score me any. And i agree with all of you about Amuari, i think he will get game time next season in the champions league and this time next year will be rated higher;)
  11. Re: U-17 UEFA Championship yes that is right we are not having an arguement:p i think what happened with Henri is that he played in some friendlys with the U-17 team but hasnt played in the Uefa qualifying. I really dont know why though?
  12. Re: U-19 UEFA Championship finals So these are the 8 teams that have qualified for the final. Czech Republic Spain Bulgaria Hungary Germany England Greece Italy I will start posting some info on each of the star/key performers for each team during qualification over the next few days.
  13. Re: U-17 UEFA Championship haha mate i have two things to point out to you 1st thing: I am talking about the UEFA U-17 Championship therefore i do hope you know what UEFA is it is the european teams. 2nd point links in with the first: Nigeria is not in Europe I never said he didnt play for the U-17 french team i only said he didnt play for them at any stage during the UEFA tournament.
  14. Re: U-17 UEFA Championship as far as my research has shown, saviet did not play for the U-17 this campaign at all, i have checked all the games played through qualification and also the elite round and he did not play in any of them. I agree Keko will get a start at the beginning of the next season. It is amazing to see that Atletico have a huge amoutn of talent it would appear alot more so than Real Madrid have currently coming through.
  15. Re: Bye For Now now daniels leaving:eek: lots of people appear to be leaving the SM community currently:( oh well mate, best of luck and will cya back on here soon.
  16. Re: Arshavin a 93!!! Yes on wikipedia anyone can change a page but what i bet you did not know LM is that they have a massive team there screening nearly everychange to check for people screwing around. And if people get caught stuffing around changing things they get banned. Another interesting thing to note about wikipedia: a bunch of encycopedia makers got together to try to descredit wikipedia saying that since anybody can change it online, there are going to be so many factual errors, when after checking they found it to be about 96% correct. which sure shut them up;)
  17. Re: Australia World Cup!! just like anyone mate, their looking out for the interests of himself and his family. All players do it. Kewell will move to a decent club before next season he showed in the game today that he is still something special, give a season where he doesnt get injuried and he will show all he still has it. He had some crunching tackles made against him today and jumped straight back up this for me indicates that he is getting back to his best.
  18. Re: Australia World Cup!! harry kewell had a great performance being captain and scoring the only goal of the game:D i am sure he will be snapped up by a decent club sooner rather then latter.
  19. Re: A-League Ratings for me someone who is currently underrated and will be getting an increase is Jade North of Newcastle Jets. He made his international debut agaisnt singapore a few weeks ago now. His performances in the heart of the australian defence have been great and he hasnt been outshone by Lucas Neill or Emerton. Though playing in the A-League i still feel a deserves to rise from 80 to possibly 82-83.
  20. Today Australia won 1-0 over Iraq! that almost assures australia progress to the next phase of qualify. I though i might create a thread for any aussie fans (and anyone else) to talk about how australia are playing or have played. Anyway for me australia have played pretty good and were very structured. Iraq had 3 great opportunities but Scharwezer managed to stop all 3!!! very underated goalkeeper for mind. anyway it all doesnt matter coz we won! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE:D
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