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  1. Re: New custom................ if its an international setup stick with the big teams
  2. Re: New custom................ because then people raid the unmanaged clubs and its just not far on a manager coming in. You can by from external just not unmanaged.
  3. Re: ESPN 'English' EURO 2008 Ads
  4. Re: ESPN 'English' EURO 2008 Ads
  5. Re: New custom................ i think an international setup would be good,
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Depending on who you have to cover diego, even for that deal i wouldnt be selling him, unless you want to sell him And Guzman made his debut for the under-21 dutch team a couple of months ago and played great, within a year or so i wouldnt be surprised to see him make his full debut. But my best option at RM is Hamsik currently seriously underated at 89 worth more like a 91;) he would be my option if you could get him and he will more likely increase higher and faster then guzman:)
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... santacroce, performed well for napoli making 13 appearances with 11 starts, after only having transfer in the summer window i think he will more a permanet fixture in the team from next season. For me mate, Santacroce is the better option. So whoever is getting Santa is getting the better option.
  8. Re: New custom................ hey mate, i would be interested, depending on the type of setup your creating.
  9. Re: Bartosz Salamon Bartosz SALAMON Real Club: Brescia Age: 17 years old Born: 1 May 1991 Nationality: Polish Position: Central Midfield (CM) Foot: Right Rating: 71 alright everyone he was added a few days ago, these his details. In some setups he is worth 10K in others 20K either way its dirt cheap for a player like this! Grab him while you can.
  10. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED no proof at all louis i just like making these random transfers up. i dont think you can get any more official then this link:p http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/clubfootball/news/newsid=782841.html
  11. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Here is one i wasnt expecting Acosta from Lanus to Sevilla a fee of 7 million euro is what it cost them.
  12. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? No one has mentioned yet the croatian Ivan Rakitic, for me he played fantastic in this season. And playing in the midfield with modric is going to do his performance no harm. I think he will enhance his reputation, might even get him a move to a bigger club:rolleyes:
  13. Re: New potential Superstar - Nicolay Zhilaev
  14. Re: New potential Superstar - Nicolay Zhilaev mate you should be getting more credit for this scout he went up by 9! thats a rep from me, 2 bad i missed out on him:(
  15. Re: Player stats ratio personally i think yes they should, i dont think that in the drop down say have season 1 shield 1 game 1 goal as imagine after 10 seasons the list would be massive, but there is nothing stopping them combining all the totals at the end of each season to say like games played 52, 11 goals, 12 assists if that all makes sense.
  16. Re: Player stats ratio yes, but, they have never been included in the total eg goals per season is only ever shown as the seasons games?
  17. Re: What happened to the rest of the Chile rating changes yeah this happened last time the brazilian rating changes were ment occur!, i think that time though was becuase they werent playing in a season yet, so effectively we can see whole year without brazilian changes:rolleyes:
  18. Re: YouTube Videos thats was pretty good actually, i was waiting for a blopper, like she falls over or something.
  19. Re: Player stats ratio i have a question that is semi-appropriate in this post...why dont SM stats include cup or shield games?
  20. Re: Douglas Costa nice one there Gizb, maybe he will get some first team games this season. rep from me.
  21. KEKO - Ateltico Gem and Canales (Future Stars) KEKO Full name: Sergio Gontan This kid was the best player on the field in the Final of the recent U-17 UEFA championship. He is currently signed to Club Atlético de Madrid and plays on the wing for the A Cadete youth side. In the final he showed a full repertoire of tricks with flicks, back-heels, dummies and miscellaneous magic on the ball. He scored once and assisted twice to lead the Spanish U-17 outfit to a 4-0 win over France. According to reports Barcelona have already come calling for his talents. He has been called the ‘new pearl’ coming from Atletico Madrid. He has already been called up to be part of the be part of the first teams preseason training so like Camacho did this season, I would expect the Keko gets a first team opportunity next season, so watch out for him then, and with Atletico making the Champions League for the coming season meaning more games for Atletico i would expect he makes a few appearances along the way. As you would expect a host of European teams have enquired about his availability but as if Atletico will let him go that easy!, Trust me this kid is going to be a big star one day. Not on DB Note: Currently most information available about him is in Spanish, and my spanish is quite where it should be. So if anyone has more information that they can add about this player your more then welcome to!
  22. Well i thought the U-17 UEFA championship thread just finished went pretty well:) so i thought maybe i should do one in the same style for the upcoming finals to be held in Czech Republic on 14 July - 26 July. It is the same format as last time with eight teams contesting the final tournament are split into two groups of four. The winners and runners-up advance to the semi-finals, with the winners of the two semi-finals qualifying for the final. Just to get you all a bit excited here is a list of previous winners of this tournament, and as per usual Spain in the last few years a leading the youth teams. 2006 - 2007 Spain 2005 - 2006 Spain 2004 - 2005 France 2003 - 2004 Spain 2002 - 2003 Italy 2001 - 2002 Spain 2000 - 2001 Poland 1999 - 2000 France 1998 - 1999 Portugal 1997 - 1998 Republic of Ireland 1996 - 1997 France 1995 - 1996 France 1994 - 1995 Spain 1993 - 1994 Portugal 1992 - 1993 England 1990 - 1992 Turkey 1988 - 1989 USSR 1986 - 1988 USSR 1984 - 1986 German Dem. Rep. 1983 - 1984 Hungary 1982 - 1983 France 1981 - 1982 Scotland 1980 - 1981 Germany The qualification is now complete and the following teams have qualified. I will be giving some info on the star/key performers during qualification of each team. The Czech Republic as hosts Spain who knocked out Ukraine, Turkey and Armenia Bulgaria who knocked out Iceland, Israel and Norway Hungary who knocked out Portugal:eek:, Cyprus and Lithuania Germany who knocked out Croatia, Slovakia and Albania England who knocked out Belarus, Poland and Serbia Greece who knocked out Russia, Moldova and Netherlands Italy who knocked out France, Switzerland and Sweden
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