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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... anybody???................
  2. Re: Tim Browski (91) signs for Bayern a good shout from a few months ago lol, you can tell you where still learning!
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... alright guys its my turn to ask some advice instead of answering lol I have been offered Kaka in trade for Ronaldinho and xavi any advice on this one?...
  4. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED
  5. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Gilardino has signed for Fiorentina, a fee was agreed by Milan at 15 million euro:eek: Milan got the good side of that deal:eek: lol.
  6. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... yes you can:p i just did lol
  7. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... i just saw a dog
  8. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... hahaha "froggy style"
  9. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! haha mate its all good i was actually only playing round, i understood your comment and i agree with it and carbon's 100% And though i love aussie youth footballers as we are still developing youth training programs the talent level isnt quite up their with our european/ south american counterparts.
  10. Re: Best/ funniest chants this season... This one was sung at an A-league game last season it has no relationship to the game. This was sydney fc v newcastle jets The Sydney fans were standing at time signing to the newcastle fans sitting down: "sit down if you shag your mum, sit down if you shag your mum" It got even funnier when the newcastle fans stood up with the already standing sydney fans signing: "stand up if you shag your mum, stand up if you shag your mum"
  11. Re: Forum Football game. any hints danny i am struggling here lol
  12. Re: Forum Football game. third one: CHANTOME, Clément?
  13. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects!
  14. Re: Forum Football game. haha bet you wont yep its your go. Remember in posting their pictures try to make sure their name isnt in the link otherwise it is easy to cheat like louis did!
  15. Re: Forum Football game. lol ok, well he has played i think 2 internationals for australia and his name is .......................................... ........................................ ......................................... ........................................ .................................. Nathan Burns
  16. Re: Forum Football game. YEP! not a bad player either, but at least another australian has made it to the top flight in the form of Garcia. Do you all give up on the forth picture? i am happy to end the pain lol
  17. Re: Forum Football game. Ok well the younger one has just left adeliade utd for a norway outfit and the other moved from the a-league to a turkish side then in the summer window moved to a championship side (and his team almost made the prem).
  18. Re: Forum Football game. Comon anybody there are two more players to get before we can move on!? The comon theme is there all australian players:p
  19. Re: The Middle East & Africa Challenge Transfer News & Match Reports At a press conference today borogz introducted two new players into the team. KAYALI, Abdulkadir and ALEKSIC, Danijel, both players are have a big future are this club and in a few years time will be international stars. Both having recently starred at the U-17 Uefa Championship. When asked how did he discover these two starlets borogz replied: "Our scouts were watching from the stands tracking these two players over the last few weeks and when interest by other clubs was shown we made a decision to make a lucrative offer for the players" Borogz was also asked during the press conference about Marko Marin making his international debut against belarus. "I am proud to have such a young player in our team making his mark at the international level, we where worried about him missing midweek training but he came through the game ok and will be right to lead the team again this weekend, i expect big things from him in the future, but for now let him just enjoy his football" When asked if anymore signings would be made? "Maybe.................you shall all have to wait and see"
  20. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Chelsea Sign new unknown manager Chelsea annouced two days ago they have signed unknown coach brogan "borogz" renshaw. This coach was plucked from the A-league side Sydney FC after only 1 season in charge their. When asked as to why they have signed this unknown the chelsea directors indictated that borogz is best mates with Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. A host of signings have already been made by the young rookie. With more players expected to move out. 6 Players have already been signed with borogz focusing on bring the stars of tomorrow into the team. His first signing was Gerard Pique, " this kid has a fanatasic football mind and will develop into being our starting CB" Relative unknown Fernando Amorebieta who plays at CB/LB has been brought in as cover for the starting 4 defenders. Young starlet Carlos Vela, has been a long time target of Chelsea with Vela at his first training session quoted as saying "its a dream come true to play at a club like Chelsea" Former Getafe midfielder Ruben De La Red has made a move to Chelsea squad with borogz snapping up this Spainish international. Borogz's biggest signing of the last two days is GOMIS, Bafetimbi, after having scored two goals on his french international, borogz jumped into negiations to bring this french starlet to chelsea. Borogz has brought him as cover for Luca Toni. Borogz when interviewed had a few comments "I have inherited a fantastic squad with some of the best players in the world" "I expect to improve on chelsea's 2nd finish last season by winning with style this season" Borogz has transfer listed a number of former star players feeling that they no longer have a place in his side.
  21. Re: just bought Romero Serrano FALI for £62.4million!!!
  22. Re: Acosta or Lavezzi? 8 it is:p , i was only 5 out lol. But anyway he has been one of the main reasons with Hamsik as to why Napoli finished eighth, remembering they were only promoted at the end of last season. He played in 35 games this season as their main forward they only way this player is going in the rating is up.
  23. Re: Acosta or Lavezzi? Lavezzi, for me mate he has played fantastic for Napoli this season and is playing for the Argentina Olympic side. I think he scored something like 13 goals this season. for me he has the bigger future.
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