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  1. ^ You can't go wrong with either to be honest. I think Suarez will get 96 before Lewi does. BUT Lewi could get it first depending on the amount he scores and if Bayern win the Champions league. Veratti + Hummels for Ramos?
  2. I'm aware that if your team's average rating is a certain amount below the players you're trying to sign's rating, they reject your club's offer. How much is is amount?
  3. Would be funny if LVG puts Memphis back behind Rooney and sticks Martial out on the left
  4. Gomis' goal was one of the most preventable goal I've ever seen, Romero would've saved it if he'd just stay on his line.
  5. If it's true that United were never interested in Otamendi then someone at the club should be fired ASAP. How can LVG be comfortable with only 1 decent cb?
  6. Imagine if United get both Schweinsteiger and Ramos!
  7. For the last 3 months or so Higuain has truly suffered. Poor fella
  8. So I'm guessing Colombia didn't want to beat Argentina today.
  9. Jesus H Christ! 40M for Firmino Good signing but he sure as heck ain't worth that much
  10. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Why not give them De Gea and take Navas? He hasn't been given enough chances to impress at Madrid and a move to United could allow him to rediscover his world cup form.
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Well...Bale is going to be absolutely slaughtered in the media after this. And rightfully so too. Most expensive player my arse
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cavani + Alonso or Busquets?
  13. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Why did Boateng fall down when he was in front of Messi for that first goal? Messi didn't even do anything yet and that donkey just fell down And why on earth did Pep start with 3 at the back against the 3 of the most lethal players in world football? And why did Rafinha stay on the field? Why not just put Lahm at right back and bring Goetze in as the extra attacking threat that was desperately needed?
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