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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Please tell me you're trolling. What kind of things have you been smoking to come to this conclusion? United would be lucky to get Blind much less Di Maria
  2. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Rooney's first goal was really well struck! Mata's was just class
  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I lost it at the bolded part mate lol
  4. Re: The Who's having the best Transfer Window thread Ladies and gentlemen, this post is the definition of optimisim.
  5. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread This is why you don't bring your Confederations Cup team to the WC...
  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Well since everyone's making predictions I might as well try: I don't know why people are saying United MUST play with wingers. Last season I distinctly remember people saying United crossed way too much with little reward. This formation can still allow for crossing, but will rely mostly on Raf/Evra to do so.
  7. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Bento should be sacked IMMEDIATELY What kind of coach tells his team to defend a 1-0 lead against a pumped up US? Absolute muppet
  8. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Not one Portugal player deserves to be on that pitch. NOT. ONE.
  9. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Why did Madrid choose pink for their away kit next season? Of all colors, why pink? Why? Why?????
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I fail to understand all the criticism toward Ronaldo. He had a bad game, yes. I didn't see much wrong with the celebration. It's the Champion's League final guys, not the FA Cup. It's a tall order to ask a guy, after just scoring against one of his team's biggest rivals in the most prestigious event in club football, to just pretend like nothing just happened. Also I'm pretty sure 99% of you would probably circle the field naked 5 times if it were you.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Reports going around that United have agreed a deal for Kroos. :confused: Will not believe till I see him in a shirt though
  12. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I'm sure United fans would rather the club be attracting the stars of football, not the stars of mainstream music.
  13. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Guess who's also a United fan? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152185036597746&set=a.411767862745.195597.7724542745&type=1
  14. Re: Official Red Devils Thread United should just sign Tony, dancpoli and Ben. 3 amazing signings right there for less than 800 pounds a week! Then they should spend the remaining 149,999,200 on Ronaldo!
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread It's about time you lads won something. Its always good to see people prove their doubters wrong Just dont get too comfy else you may have to wait even longer for your next trophy
  16. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread The SM devs should have a look at this.
  17. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Saying that about ANY player is a bad thing, much less someone who has done no wrong...
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I don't know why but I find this extremely comical...
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Neymar or Mandzukic and De Bruyne? I have Neymar
  20. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Wouldn't this be a good formation for United next season? No wingers because Kagawa and Mata play better in the middle. http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=2l317
  21. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Would not wanna be Neymar right now
  22. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Is Ricardo Rodriguez worth buying?
  23. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Could anyone tell me who is the better protpect between Strootman,Asamoah and Pjanic? Will any of them hit 92 soon?
  24. Re: Bids being rejected bu unmanaged teams What aspect of football is that feature trying to replicate within the game? Many payers in the past have moved to smaller clubs Julio Cesar and Falcao did it ( I consider Monaco a small club).
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