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  1. Re: Looking for a D(RC) Thanks guys. I have put an offer in for John Stones.
  2. Looking for a rising D(RC) with a price of 4-5m. My weakest defender's an 80 right now so anything higher than that would be good. Thanks!
  3. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Thoughts on selling John Ruddy (87)? My Darlington team has 700k cash, Div 2, my backup keeper is Stefanos Kapino (84) who is going to the world cup for Greece.
  4. Re: Sell Kapino or Ruddy? Just those two and a crappy guy in the 70s. My Darlington team are now in Div 2 (promoted) -- gotta build the squad up as it's pretty shallow right now.
  5. Gotta sell one of these two for cash. John Ruddy's currently 87, Stefanos Kapino is 84. Thoughts?
  6. Re: English Championship 2797 Just joined as Norwich City!
  7. Re: Man Utd or Man City? Don't go for either! Choose Norwich!! Out of the 2 though I'd pick City.
  8. Re: Is my goalie good enough? Well I have a little over 20M. I could probably spend 10M no prob but obviously I wanna keep as much cash as possible. I think I'm gonna stick with my 78 keeper for a few games and see how I get on. So far in the division i've played 2 games, the first was 0-0 and second game was 4-1 so not bad.
  9. Re: Hello people! Hey richie!
  10. Re: Which striker to buy? Soldado looks good, don't know much about him (nor the others). What about Demba Ba?
  11. On my 2nd team (Darlington Div 4) my goalie is Stefanos Kapino (Panathinaikos no.1). He should hopefully rise in the future but right now he's only 78. He is already better than most Div 4 goalies but I am still not sure whether to get another goalie..what do you guys think?
  12. Re: English Ratings Review He is 89 on SM now. I assumed that Soccerwiki was updated first and that the SM ratings would then follow.
  13. Re: English Ratings Review I am new to this so I'm not sure how this rating change compares to previous ones. Demba Ba went up from 88-89 although I reckon he deserves to be a 90. Grant Holt went from 84-85 I believe (doesn't say on his profile yet though..). I think he was definitely due to go up at least 2 considering how well he has been playing after moving up to the premiership.. Edit: Bit disappointed Mason Bennett (15 yr old 75) didn't go up. He hasn't played much for Derby but still...maybe deserves to be 78'ish.
  14. Re: Looking for a good CB for my Norwich squad My next offer was accepted! :-)
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