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  1. Re: Camacho/Gundogan Gündoğan for sure. He should rise to 88, maybe 89 in the next update. Very under-rated.
  2. He's been by far Arsenal's best player this season. Thoughts?
  3. Played a friendly match against an 86 rated team (unmanaged 4-4-2). I used 3-5-2, my team's average rating is 95 and I LOST 3-1. Possession was 50/50. Other team had 7 shots, 3 on target .. 3 goals. My team had 21 shots, 4 on target .. 1 goal. SMH.
  4. Re: David Luiz I don't think he'll start many games next season. I see Cahill/Terry as the 1st choice CB pairing. He would suit well playing for Barcelona, they like their CB's on the ball. He could potentially replace Puyol.
  5. Re: is kagawa/ marin better than munian ?? Talent-wise: 1. Muniain 2. Kagawa 3. Marin SM Value: 1. Kagawa -> Strongly linked to Man Utd. 2. Muniain 3. Marin -> Although signed for Chelsea, he's regressed this past season.
  6. Re: montolivo or marchiso Montolivo, he's moving to Milan in the summer.
  7. Do you think he will reach 95 in the upcoming update?
  8. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! I've had Gomez for 5 SM seasons and yes I agree with many that he had to live up to that 93 rating. At the end of last season I thought he had a 50/50 chance of rising, scoring 39 goals in 45 games. This season he carried on his goal-scoring form, although he had a patch of a few games where he didn't score. If I remember correctly, in the champions league, didn't he score 4 GOALS? I mean if this was Messi everyone would be like WOW HE'S AMAZING. The season is not over and he's scored 35 goals in 37 goals. Bayern are in the quarter-finals of the champions leag
  9. I think SM should consider looking at adding a new element to tactics. 'Chemistry' - For example, if a player from the same league/country play together, this perhaps could increase the likeliness of your team winning the match. Basically, the higher the chemistry, the higher the chances of your team winning games. They could introduce a chemistry rating bar 0-100%. 'Form' - If your players are getting performance ratings of 8-10, then this should also increase the chances of your team winning the match. The reason I'm pointing this out is because in my own experience, my players general
  10. Re: Lukas Podolski Definitely, he has a great powerful left foot. I think he will move to a bigger club in the summer, apparently he had a fall-out with some people at his present club. I don't think he'll leave Germany because he gets homesick, so i'm guessing a move to Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund is the most likely. If he does move to the premier league and joins a team in the top 4, his rating would definitely rise. (unless he flops)
  11. Re: Falcao It's highly likely he'll be a 92 by the end of the next update if he keeps up his excellent goalscoring form throughout the season. Should move to a bigger club IMO, he could reach a 95.
  12. Re: Is Luis Suarez the real deal ? I'd accept the offer. Suarez can rise up to 95 but he needs to move to a 'bigger' club. Not saying Liverpool isn't a big club, but what I mean by 'bigger' is the likes of Real Madrid/Barcelona/Milan. If he does stay there is no reason why he can't get a 93 possible 94 at Liverpool. Reina's a 93 and Gerrard was a 96. With 40m you could buy alot of top young players; Reus, Pastore, Alaba, Gaitan etc.
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