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    I think SM should consider looking at adding a new element to tactics.
    'Chemistry' - For example, if a player from the same league/country play together, this perhaps could increase the likeliness of your team winning the match.
    Basically, the higher the chemistry, the higher the chances of your team winning games. They could introduce a chemistry rating bar 0-100%.
    'Form' - If your players are getting performance ratings of 8-10, then this should also increase the chances of your team winning the match.
    The reason I'm pointing this out is because in my own experience, my players generally get rated and 7+ every match, but recently i've lost matches against weaker teams with lower performance ratings than my own players. This makes it SO unrealistic. I understand you cannot win every game but these are games you expect to win.
    I think SM should look at these suggestions seriously, they are realistic and can enhance our overall experience.
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