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  1. What determines the maximum you can bid for a player? There was this player that had his transfer ban just expire andhe was hot property. My chairman and a lot of other chairmans would only allow £19million.. But then one team came along and bid £20million.. How is this possible and fair?
  2. This may sound silly but i just want to be extra sure before I make a purchase. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HD-Projector-1080p-Home-Cinema-Games-Consoles-/170718656875?pt=UK_AudiVideoElectronics_Video_Electronics&hash=item27bf9ff96b Is this projector compatible for the Xbox 360. I see that it has all the portholes necessary. It also says it is compatible with the Playstation 1,2, and 3. It also says it is compatible with the original Xbox. However it fails to mention anything about the Xbox 360. If anyone can tell me if it is compatible or not with the Xbox 360 I would be extremely gratef
  3. Re: Official juventus fc thread Marotta is good. Del Neri is poor. With his stupid buys and love for the poo 4-4-2. He needs to change up. I want Spalletti as manager! Krasic is too easy now, needs to do different skills and use his left foot. I think this season we will fail to reach 4th, but next we should do super, hopefully get a new excellent manager and buy players with world-class status instead of mediocre/relegation-team-benchwarmers. I mean Matri, Toni, Pepe, A. Traore, Rinaudo, Sissoko, Salihamidzic, Grosso need to leave!!! Thank God Amauri's gone. As soon as we sold Diego I kn
  4. Re: Official juventus fc thread http://football-italia.net/jan04n.html Can't wait for him to get on DB, have a fear others will get to him before me
  5. Re: Official Xbox 360 group/thread! Looking for people to achievement hunt for ALL Halo games. PM me on here, or Xbox.
  6. Re: Mario GOTZE £13m yes or no? Helllllll no. I bought him for couple of hundred K for my Bradford, and now he is like 6mil. 13mil is way toooo much for him!!
  7. Re: Official juventus fc thread Very old, I was inactive for about couple of years, thought I would resurrect this.
  8. Re: The Serie A News Thread! Milan looking impressive, clear by 3 points. Lazio second Juventus 3rd Inter are slacking!!!!!!!!!
  9. Re: Official juventus fc thread Juve revoultion looking good so far, 3rd in the table. Krasic is brilliant.
  10. Marcio Rafinha of Genoa and Sebastian Frey of Fiorentina. Predicitons?
  11. Re: Official Xbox 360 group/thread! Anything need updating on the opening post? (Gamertags, Forum name etc.)
  12. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I need a Young GK (Under the age of 21) thats rated between 70-80 that has an alright or better future.
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