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  1. Re: Abuse of 'offer club to a friend' feature... They have a set amount of time to accept the club which is equal to the maximum number of days before you must sign in. So for most GC's it is 30 days. I know this because its been going on for ages, long before they done away with the 'last logged in' date which use to appear next to a managers name in the club list. This is a feature which they should never have got rid of because when that option was available, it was possible to work out when 1 person was managing more than one club... just another case of SM caring very little about their customers
  2. Re: Missing credits Just found this in the upgrade section from 11th January: The use of SM coins will continue and users will continue to receive free coins as before. Going forward, these free coins will accumulate up to a maximum of 1000 coins, if coins are spent and the amount falls below 1000 then free coins will be issued again until the 1000 limit is reached. We are also now offering a 'Buy Direct' option where you can purchase the upgrade(s) you want directly without the need to purchase any SM coins. Please visit the Upgrades section to view these changes. No Mention of what happens to totals over 1000 though. Surely if SM had removed the excess 2000+ then they would have left me with a 1000? Not very good PR to give you something and then take it away... Once again left to speculate due to lack of adequate information and no point of contact...
  3. Re: Missing credits No m8, no mention of where they went... under the credits log, it says I got 681 credits for logging in today yet my total is now 141... Its ridiculous m8, was saving those up to buy another gameworld... do you know anyway of getting in touch with them bout it or is it part of their usual 'like it or lump it' policy??? Its scandalous, just like the way they keep changing the value of them over the last few months f.f.s.
  4. Re: Missing credits No Duncan, I haven't m8, there's wasnt enough there to buy anything with and if someone hacked me, then am sure they'd have took them all Thanks klorway, will check that now m8
  5. Re: 80-90 Risers Massive Database Erm...... right..... ok I don't even know what that language is, never mind how to speak it!!
  6. Re: Missing credits Anybody??? Hellloo...
  7. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........
  8. Re: 80-90 Risers Massive Database Thats easy for you to say fella!!! lol
  9. I had over 3000 credits a few days ago, just loged into the game to find I now have 139 yet I haven't spent any or been told why this is... Does anyone know what's going on here?? Has this happened to anyone else??
  10. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ After a week of inaction, some MASSIVE risers, (stevanovic +10, obiang +11 etc), in Italy's smaller clubs none of them are showing on the player database/changes tab yet though On a brighter note, bought stevanovic for 14 of my teams yesterday and obiang in 12 :p
  11. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Spot-on Nathan, SM dont have customer-service as we all know and that's because it would cost more money as you rightly say. From what I can see, it's all about roping in new customers and once they have their money they then become existing customers which is of no concern to SM.. I don't think I've ever seen any company adopt this strategy as successfully tbh most companies won't even risk it as it's practically suicide. From what I've read on other threads, the Devs dont even read their messages and people have had their accounts sanctioned for spamming them with ''support'' tickets. I think the only way to REALLY get them to sit up and take notice is to go after what really matters to them... new customers and advertising!!! Social media campaign anyone??? it doesnt matter to them how many people stop playing if they have more and more new customers to make their numbers up. This will keep the advertising networks happy because there'll still be huge amounts of page views. Too many people are just happy to view their feelings on this forum then forget about it, thats why it's never going to change... I may start a thread to try and gauge the depth of support ie; players like myself, who are unwilling to spend any more on this product after recent events. I'd also advise anyone who's serious to create a signature like mine which can be seen on every post...
  12. Re: why no notice???? no, it seems not
  13. Re: compensation for retirees??? really??? Thats been the spiel since I started the game over 18months ago. In that time' date=' I have had countless dozens retire and not one penny of compensation... Can't help thinking it's something else that clearly doesnt exist And I thought it was just me :rolleyes: Last year due to the offer which was on for gold membership, I decided to buy 2 years worth... if only I had access to a crystal ball. I have about 14months worth left altogether and am actually debating whether to just cut and run and find a properly organised game... seems to me that I'm spending more time on the game for only a fraction of the fun and that is being clawed away bit by bit. I have spoken to many dozens of ppl on here and in-game that have categorically stated they won't be renewing their goldships after all the chopping and changing recently... This very well could be the beginning of a decline for SM and it'll all be down to their arrogant attitude and foolhardy behaviour... Its a sad state of affairs when a company totally ignores their customers and target audience
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Think with some of their recent decisions and game alterations they've already passed that threshold :rolleyes:
  15. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 fair enough' date=' but my point was that the description next to him ie; [i']'three clean sheets'[/i]. . . 'pole with Robert Green syndrome' etc pertains to a goalkeeper. Hence I was trying to establish who the OP was talking about, ie: Jenkinson or Mannone. Its not beyond the realms of possibility that he could have got the two mixed up, as theyre both in the same team and both expected to rise +4 in the OP's esteemed opinion
  16. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Livermore is rated 84... bearing this in mind, what do you expect his next rating to be?? Still 86?? Or 87 (with +3)??
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13
  18. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? I doubt it, they was only done 2 month ago... (last week Sept, 1st week Oct) I had a couple dozen players reviewed...
  19. Re: why no notice???? lol never fails to amaze me how people just blindly comment without reading any of the other posts they finished the Uruguayan & Slovakian reviews approx a fortnight ago... if u look closely and click on either of those 2 tabs you'll see there are no reviews, just a vast amount of white-space... it does say that they are being reviewed however but I think SM are more concerned about fixing things that aren't broke and introducing new, pointless features in order to earn more revenue
  20. Re: why no notice???? L'orient, Lille and OGC Nice being reviewed today, yup, I'd say that the French league IS being reviewed
  21. Re: Neymar or Hazard yep, got that thanks... no need to keep bumping the thread!!
  22. Re: Neymar or Hazard lol @ hyina... I refer you to my last post m8
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