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  1. Well, I am wondering what will happen to a Standard Game World that only has 3 managers.. Will it close and dissapear or continue on? I honestly think I will be the only remaining manager in this game world considering the massive disadvantage of teams. ( I have barcelona with all of the players and have already signed C.Ronaldo from Real Madrid after that manager decided to leave) So my question is will it close with only 3 managers or what happens when I am the only 1 left? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Soccermanager community. I need some help, I have just secured signing C.Ronaldo in my Barcelona team, yeah.. lol. Since I have a strong midfield and forward I was wondering whether I should put C.Ronaldo and Messi both upfront and use direct style of passing or utilize Andres Iniesta and C.Ronaldo both on the wings and use attacking style down both wings. This is my current squad. ( I still havent signed C.Ronaldo but hes gonna arrive today or tomorrow) http://prntscr.com/49twkz Any ideas or suggestions on what formation or playing style I should use with the arrival of C.Ronaldo?
  3. Hellloo good people of soccermanager and lovers of this sport. I basically got a real madrid and need a lil help with my formation. Im gonna try out a 3-4-3 with higuain, C.Ronaldo and benzema upfront as the strikers. My question is should i use direct passing or mixed? should i put Ronaldo as the target-man or without any target mans? Or if you have any other formations you think is better for RM, you can spill it out any help would be appreciated. Thankxx in advance:)
  4. Re: Financial Problems... Ok thankx bro. So i shouldnt be worried about the money?
  5. Hello. I have a super team and im in 1rst place in my league but the problem is that my Balance is -490k. My question is that if i can get sacked or anything like that because of my money problems? Everything else in my team is perfect, i have messi scoring 2 goals in each match and a brilliant midfield of Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez but im worried if i can lose everything because of my money issues.
  6. keoryn

    Help ME :(

    Re: Help ME Lol okay. But i really need some help here . My team is suppose to win without much trouble against teams like those but im only getting draws or losses, any advice? I mean cmon i have Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Daniel Alves, Eto'o!! lol
  7. keoryn

    Help ME :(

    Re: Help ME I had 68% possession and 20 shots, Aston Villa had 32% ppossession and 9 shots and the game ended in draw?? how am i lucky? The dude that scored for Villa is someone with 75 rating and all my defenders have 93+ rating, how am i lucky? I only scored with a penalty and how in the world does Lionel messi miss 15 shots against a low rating defence?!?! but the dude with 75 rating can score with just 9 shots?!
  8. keoryn

    Help ME :(

    Re: Help ME Update: I played with the exact same formation and instructions you told me against a team with average rating of 90 and he used a 4-3-3. when the game ended i had 68% possession and 20 total shots Aston Villa had 32% possession with 9 shots and the game ended 1-1 . My only goal was from a penalty of messi T.T.
  9. keoryn

    Help ME :(

    Re: Help ME Thankx bro for the advice, i will try out you're formation and the in game instructions.
  10. keoryn

    Help ME :(

    Hello Soccermanager Community, this is my 1rst post in this forum but i have been playing this game quite some time and now i NEED HELP. I have a Chelsea squad and these are the players: Goalkeeper Defender Julio Cesar Maicon-Lucio-Pepe Midfielders Daniel Alves-Frank Lampard-Xavi Hernandez-Eden Hazard-Andres Iniesta- Forwards Messi and Eto o. And my average rating is 95 The problem now is that i only win by the minimum. For example i played against BIRMINGHAM CITY with average rating of 89 and i only won 1-0 because Messi took a penalty shot. My usual tactics are Direct and fast with playmaker either iniesta or Xavi and targetman Messi. I have used every formation there is and nothing changes i still win 1-0 against low ratings teams. And when i play against squads with average ratings of 92 or 93 i ALWAYS DRAW OR LOSE! O.O I could really use some ideas on how to play with this team.
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