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  1. Re: M'vila? A year ago he had top European club interested now at Rubin (could have gone to QPR) with a lack of opportunity and a ban from the national team until 2014. Is a wasted talent currently , Genuinely think the top EPL could should have taken a risk and bought him I think he would have delivered and I am thinking of selling him too but has a chance to be great in the future a real combative DM
  2. Re: david silva, kompany?? With his Spanish and city consistent performances i think there's chance for silva rising...
  3. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Would have liked to have seen Iniesta get some recognition for his performances over the last 12months but it appears SM has got themselves stuck by separating Messi from Ronaldo from the rest the world, (There are players on the same ratings who are better than each other you know...)
  4. Can people stop saying that the latest ratings review are generous! If SM chooses not review the major euro leagues since march they should well be generous, rant over.
  5. Re: nasri deal Yep 94 would be justifiable considering how important he is to city
  6. Re: nasri deal In my opinion and from others kroos could rise to 92 in a few days time while Nasri's may even drop to 92 when EPL gets reviewed A such I would keep kroos and right now id prefer yaya to Nasri despite his age difference too
  7. Re: nasri deal I have Nasri mate and would happily swap him for kroos he is asking becasue Nasri's min chairman value is too high to offer the swap
  8. Re: The highest rated players The point I'm also trying to raise is; are the staggering of these players ratings preventing the rest being risen, while sm's reluctance to rate players 95-96+
  9. With 99 apparently being the highest rating, In my opinion the following players should be: Messi = 99 cereal balon d'or Ronaldo = 99 (potentially just behind messi but close enough to warrant 99) Iniesta = 98 (last 6 months performances have prompted acelades and he has consistently been proforming) Xavi = 97 (sadly appearing to lose his influence on the game in comparison to previous years) Other world class players to be 97 or less, Or the worlds best in each position to be rated more generously. I just feel because of these 4 players the 99-97 rating has been made untouchable to others while also only 4 players are rated 96 Why must the rest of the worlds best players be 95-94-93, SM could take a look at the FIFA world XI nominations perhaps.. Finally can SM update the major leagues already.. Any thoughts?
  10. Compared to Zidane, Riquelme & Sneijder - Introducing Hachim Mastour, AC Milan's 14-year-old wonderkid It took a reported €500,000 for AC Milan to fight off esteemed competition to sign 14-year-old Hachim Mastour. Inter, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester City were also in the hunt for the youngster, and that fact alone will make the rest of Europe sit up and take notice of a player who promises a spectacular future in football. http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2012/07/04/3217927/compared-to-zidane-riquelme-sneijder-introducing-hachim Check out the article on goal.com Go on SM add him to the Database
  11. Do you reckon he's worth a buy? Will he continue to rise to how high?? Could be moving clubs or staying at Dortmond where he may have more competition next year from reus maybe?
  12. Re: mexes he is also first choice CB for euro2012 with rami (91) who are keeping sakho out of the lineup pretty good player but has a temper! chance of 92 in future at AC with Tsliva (94) next to him
  13. Re: U25 RB & LB Ranking nice 1 guys you're all legends, i try and keep my squad under 25 unless players become heroes (Sliva, Iniesta) there doesnt seem to be too many young full backs in world football at the moment (quite a few CBs that I guess may evolve)
  14. Who is the best, who will be the best in the future and will keep there LB or RB position going forward because they usually play in that position. please add any worthy additions if you have any Right Backs! richards van der wiel castro ansaldi abate howdes anderweireld azpilicueta rafael jones boateng Left Backs! marcelo bale coentrao badstuder cissokho criscito alba
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