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  1. Re: Ronaldo A 98 hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha
  2. Re: Ronaldo A 98 to tom well done giving me bad rep dont bother me mate so well done yer well done
  3. Re: Ronaldo A 98 he who knows all what is a forum for? debating thanks for your stupid input
  4. Re: Eduardo actualy you do need to use search tool people are reminded severaltimes each day so please in future.....
  5. Re: Eduardo theres a massive thread on him please search first next time
  6. Re: Ronaldo A 98 dont call me disgusting you filth and i neg repped you cos you was rude and you neg repped me back what a child
  7. Re: Ronaldo A 98 well i will never win an argument on gerrard cos everyones foolish enough to think hes world class. so end of but he is not a 97
  8. Re: Ronaldo A 98 oh yes what has he ever done for england? ay? i win!
  9. Re: Ronaldo A 98 tom you dont know much about football do you gerrard is NOT a 97 he's past it there are so many players that are better than him but rated loweron this game its a disgrace!
  10. Re: Ronaldo A 98 messi has flare/skill and a lot of technique and pace he is on the slope up and gerrard on the down gerrard should be a 96 and messi 97/98
  11. Re: Amazing Turkish talent - playing for Barca just wanted to subscribe so i can keep tabs
  12. Re: Ronaldo A 98 looooooooooooooooooooooool @ he who knows all ( ) messi doesnt deserve 96 tho he is better than people like gerrard!
  13. JEEEEEEEEEEZ what a decision to make messi HAS to hit 98 as well then hes rated higher than ronaldo in world rankings??? i think hel hit 97 but should be a 98
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings in the paper this morning it said cacares is moving to chelsea or liverpool for 10 million....???
  15. Re: Click To Save Lives im actualy quite poor mate i live in a council flat lol. I mean i could be miles worse off but still i dont think its right that any person in the world should be a millionaire
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