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  1. Re: Ronaldo A 98 hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha
  2. Re: Ronaldo A 98 to tom well done giving me bad rep dont bother me mate so well done yer well done
  3. Re: Ronaldo A 98 he who knows all what is a forum for? debating thanks for your stupid input
  4. Re: Eduardo actualy you do need to use search tool people are reminded severaltimes each day so please in future.....
  5. Re: Eduardo theres a massive thread on him please search first next time
  6. Re: Ronaldo A 98 dont call me disgusting you filth and i neg repped you cos you was rude and you neg repped me back what a child
  7. Re: Ronaldo A 98 well i will never win an argument on gerrard cos everyones foolish enough to think hes world class. so end of but he is not a 97
  8. Re: Ronaldo A 98 oh yes what has he ever done for england? ay? i win!
  9. Re: Ronaldo A 98 tom you dont know much about football do you gerrard is NOT a 97 he's past it there are so many players that are better than him but rated loweron this game its a disgrace!
  10. Re: Ronaldo A 98 messi has flare/skill and a lot of technique and pace he is on the slope up and gerrard on the down gerrard should be a 96 and messi 97/98
  11. Re: Amazing Turkish talent - playing for Barca just wanted to subscribe so i can keep tabs
  12. Re: Ronaldo A 98 looooooooooooooooooooooool @ he who knows all ( ) messi doesnt deserve 96 tho he is better than people like gerrard!
  13. JEEEEEEEEEEZ what a decision to make messi HAS to hit 98 as well then hes rated higher than ronaldo in world rankings??? i think hel hit 97 but should be a 98
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings in the paper this morning it said cacares is moving to chelsea or liverpool for 10 million....???
  15. Re: Click To Save Lives im actualy quite poor mate i live in a council flat lol. I mean i could be miles worse off but still i dont think its right that any person in the world should be a millionaire
  16. Re: Andre Ayew raised 4 points and in the paper it said arsenal have made a bid! only paper talk but could materialise
  17. Re: Who Is The Ugliest Football Player In Europe? ellis munday for gillingham LMAO hes my cousin just thought id wind him up!
  18. sweeeeeet

    Book club....

    Re: Book club.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fluke-James-Herbert/dp/0330376179/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1200322898&sr=1-1 This is a link to FLUKE by james herbert on amazon.co.uk it is for sale for £5.49 BARGAIN! :eek:
  19. Re: Money becoming Pointless??? mate i have been on this game since feburary 2006 i am in some very low ones i was in wc 1 but quit! lol
  20. Re: Money becoming Pointless??? im in several ones between 100-200 and i find money is still usefull but you have to search deep for the real bargains! just foung richard dunne playing for an external team kaching!
  21. Re: Click To Save Lives makes me unhappy that we worship players like ronaldo and yet they earn 110k a week WHAT A SICK WORLD WE LIVE IN!
  22. Re: Spanish Ratings garay has been on target for a rise for ages now! has to hit 91!
  23. Re: Best ground mark you cat really say that cos i went to ipswich's stadium and that was a wooden stand
  24. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread now toure is off at african cup of nations gallas will really have to show his power... if he manages to win them the league which is likely then he will get 95/96 and deservedly too! but for now im sure hel stay at 94!
  25. Re: Best striker on SM ? Eto' for my barce season 1: player award and top scorer award season 2: player award season 3: player award season 4: player award and top scorer award
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