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  1. Re: Scotland vs Italy haha you lot given me a good laugh cheers!
  2. Re: Loyalty bonus for managers iv been with an arsenal in wc198 since it started 4 seasons
  3. Re: Next generation of superstars theres loads of threads like this already try the next generation thread
  4. Re: Rosa Stelvio doesnt hurt to give it neway
  5. Re: Joe Cole what do you mean you guys? i didnt create it
  6. Re: Joe Cole totally agree never fails to perform great player I think hes better than gerrard, terry all of them for england
  7. Re: Rosa Stelvio MY FIRST REP will go to ahmed nice find will buy him now!
  8. Re: England - The final blow I warn you my posts will be controversial and I will speak my mind. I feel England have been a disappointments I get bored when watching them and seeing the players they have they are pathetic. Mcclaren get out your an over-payed lack of knowledge nobody. If we make it, it will be nothing but luck good luck tho as it will be good to watch next summer if we are there. All tho not sure I can stand another penalty kick heart-ache.
  9. Hello I have just registered on the forum and i would like to introduce myself. I am 17 next saturday and i live in england near london. I have read the rules so please dont lectur me have fun i no I will sweeeeeet x
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