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  1. Re: Best football songs in britain iv commented on a thread the same as this before but cannot find it. anyway we cant read, we cant write. we wear golden nikey's. we all follow gillingham cos we are f***ing pikeys!
  2. Re: José Bosingwa i bought him when he was still an 89 22 million makes me angry then again its good if man u dont get him
  3. Re: Eduardo Da Silva as i said early in the thread i will say again! 91 a must!
  4. Re: Luke Freeman- Only 15, now on the DB. my m8 played a whole season with him for gills u-16 he said he is good but doesnt look like a world beater by any means
  5. Re: Eduardo Da Silva he has 10 goals for arsenal this season from what i have seen he can become one of the best finishers in the world he is so calm and he does not celebrate his goals because he knows he can always improve which makes him so great 91 NOW
  6. Re: Last minute : before french ratings changes OOOOOO my bad im so sorry! i got confused with jimenez!
  7. Re: Last minute : before french ratings changes what are you on about? he plays for inter milan
  8. Re: TV Series - Heroes only watched series 1 part 1- which is the first 11 episodes cant rent the other half of series 1 its well aggratating
  9. Re: English Championship - Ratings changes you should let us talk about leeds as they will soon be in the championship ok ok keep 83 then!
  10. Re: Transfer List good point and it was stuttgart who bought vieira suppose they can afford 20 million
  11. Re: Transfer List my custom makes no difference
  12. Re: JULIO cruz! hahaha didnt realise it was case sensitive ok il pm him now
  13. Re: Transfer List no i sold vieira to an external club the very next day after listing him for 21.9 million.
  14. Re: JULIO cruz! tom i typed in cruz nothing then julio cruz nothing so what do you expect me to do?
  15. Re: My New Setup you vote what type of setup it is! build it up then its good for a challenge
  16. Re: English Championship - Ratings changes Casper Ankergren does deserve to go back to 86 good post.
  17. Julio cruz 33 years old plays for inter milan in seria A Rated 91 I think he should hit 92 he has made just 10 starts wich isn't great BUT he has scored a terrific 10 goals so 10 goals in 10 starts makes him joint 2nd top scorer surely worth 92
  18. Re: My New Setup you vote what type of setup it is! j how about jerusalem hahahahaha well i found it funny
  19. Re: Transfer List yer thats good work then well my only suggestion is to wait eventualy you will get an offer! OR if there are clubs interested in the players you could youse the "offer to club" option!
  20. Re: FA Cup 4th Round draw! no i dont think there is but theres a lot of people who do I want arsenal v man u at the emirates so i can go again!
  21. Re: Transfer List whats your chairmans valuation of these players and how much are they transfer listed for?
  22. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM all these man u kids saying chelsea bought the title? the only team that isnt doing so is arsenal and arsene wenger
  23. Re: FA Cup 4th Round draw! there is one about 5 pages long
  24. Re: Luis Fabiano ah yes the good old days hahahah and sam he got dropped when you said he should rise but turns out you were correct
  25. Re: FA Cup 4th Round draw! mate there is already a good thread on the f.a cup please use the search tool first.
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