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  1. Re: Deal Reversals yes i only reverse if its breaking the rules such as no buying from unmanagged teams this is darn harsh if you beat him to kalou then TOUGH
  2. Re: BEST EVER ACHIEVMENT my juve ! that would be sweet teb in fact lets make this a challenge take up division 3 team or 4 then get promoted 3 times running GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. Re: BEST EVER ACHIEVMENT my juve ! please dont ruin my thread id rather u didnt post its just a little bit of me i wanted to leave on forum so nothing good to say please dont say
  4. Re: BEST EVER ACHIEVMENT my juve ! nah seriously swear down that was a glitch it came up sayin i was 2nd but i was joint top and better goal average
  5. Re: BEST EVER ACHIEVMENT my juve ! no arsenal is in 198 this is 376 and i meant my greatest achievment not the greatest over all im not big headded lol
  6. Re: BEST EVER ACHIEVMENT my juve ! yer on lola's account! so she gets half the credit but the arsenal is more hers
  7. sweeeeeet


    Re: hi follow the rules respect peoples hard work and if your in trouble ask for help do not create a thread without searching as there may be a thread already on that subject HAVE FUN merry christmas
  8. Re: BEST EVER ACHIEVMENT my juve ! so in 3 years i have won 3 successive titles gaining promotion teice and then div-1 champs! i have buffon ronaldo and villa!
  9. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! makes it worse if you have stupid xbox live
  10. WOOP WOOP today was a day in history today man-kind of the mccluskey origin prooved their worth today I become a man TODAY my juventus won the top division and the ultimate football prize the story begins long ago when a hartened young lad took on a juventus in division 3. They won the division with ease and pressed on to the challenge of division 2. Now this may suprise you (as I) but i won that division with ease also AND not in my wildest dreams would i of ever imagined me then going on to win division 1 and make it 3 successive titles in 3 different divisions but i did This is a wondefull moment for me SQUAD buffon kahn mirante jansen chiellini diogo zaccardo barzagli fernando meira alex silva camoranesi gilberto silva hamit frings banega miguel veloso ronaldo, christiano villa david van persie del piero larsson lucarelli YOUTH SQUAD sercan suarez pele kroos marcelo moreno giovanni moses bojan christantus
  11. Re: Canaries marchin on...but wht will happen? i dont think you have better players than leeds i can say our goal keeper, left mid, centre mids , right mid, and both attackers would get in your squad FACT
  12. Re: Club Rivals when leeds were a big team them and man u hated each other well they still do
  13. sweeeeeet


    Re: Stop!! go to profile edit details or preferences and then untick the box saying receive e-mail alert.
  14. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! only just started a master league online is PATHETIC i admit ooooooo i get nout for christmas this ps3 is my m8s:(
  15. Re: Luke Freeman- Only 15, now on the DB. ellis munday
  16. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! aim just outside the post give tiny tiny tiny power and ever so slightly push analogue stick towards goal works 10000000000000000% thats what makes fifa a jerks game
  17. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! i werent on about keepers at free-kicks i was saying fifas crap because its so easy ESPECIALLY free-kick
  18. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! couldnt disagree more for one thing EVERY time you get a free-kick on fifa your guarenteed a goal I just scored 3 in one match and in pes i have played 8 games in the season only scored 1 free kick and hit post from 1 keepers are hard on maximum dificulty and medium of course theyre poor on easy mode. fifa is easy in every mode for me
  19. Re: Forumer 2007 - The Last Eight - "Mark" Insider VS "Sam" Sir Bobo havnt been on forum for a year but i have been on the game for nearly 2 well done lads
  20. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! mine never lags cos i got 100 mgps LMAO its sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ne1 want a game? il tell you who am then il set up a match room and you can challenge me
  21. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!! m8 your very wellcome to show your gratitude there is a massive problem with stuck up people who think there important calling everything spam when its just gratitude and having a laugh so.. thanks for the thanks and i would also take this short chance without going too off topic to say thanks x
  22. Re: Spanish Ratings raul to 94 and luis fabiano to 91/92
  23. Re: International Management no way should non-gold memebers be able to play in international set-ups they should have to join as it will be a bit unfair on anybody who has payd out for gold i feel non-golds already have enough without international set-ups for free!
  24. sweeeeeet

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? ah screw it im not on enough to be part of a thread like this anyways back to james but im not the first and not the last to win by putting up a list
  25. sweeeeeet

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? i have seen people put up lists loads of times and then they have moved on because they have named the correct player now iv named him tell us who it is so carry on with mine ok.........
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