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  1. Re: Happy Birthday Sparky shame neways happy birthday to you happy birthday to you you look like the kid out of pocyo and you have his I.Q HAHAHAHA
  2. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Bit off subject but yes i am and it was never a secret wanted a thresh start and look how well im doing 1 rep WOOP WOOP
  3. Re: Sunderland help sunu wont go up at all he plays for arsenal no appearences not even for reserves stay at 60
  4. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread rarely plays has he played much for brazil is he playing as good as people like agbonlahor rated just 88? POINT PROVEN
  5. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread anderson to 90 got to be worst post ever hahaha no offense but jeeeez!
  6. Re: top managers only new setup mines 128 WAHOOOOOOO
  7. Re: More Benefits For People With Higher Reps Customer satisfaction is a high priority and I cant see sm taking away some advantages of gold membership from some and continuing it with others. I think that there should be your rep like 85 for example then a green card if its never been dropped or if it has been but then rose again you should have a little purple card which slowly turns green but not for ages. They shouldn't be allowed in the gold set-ups whilst it is red (under 40) but then when it turns purple they are only allowed a lower rated team in gold champs???
  8. Re: Jerome Boateng Sweeeeeeeeet just signed him for my leeds 2.8 million + jamie clapham
  9. Re: hello everyone hey james few tips son if you want a thread on a different point/subject click create new thread search before you do it MAKE it FUN and you will get my rep
  10. Re: More Benefits For People With Higher Reps yes but that wouldnt work take me and my sister for example we use the same computer and what if we both wanted a team?
  11. Re: Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners tim borowski doesnt play for bayern munich?
  12. Re: More Benefits For People With Higher Reps my rep is 126 on my gold account i have 13 teams not 10:eek:
  13. Re: German Changes im not too sore just like a ball to the groin type sore
  14. Re: I have got a email because of a transfer? already said that teb lol well you can do it in your profile
  15. Re: German Changes thats the final straw i work hard then someone else does what i have done AND gets the rep well dont expect a christmas card from me:mad: :mad:
  16. sweeeeeet

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? like me its not too hard only when its stupid lower league players or scottish players:eek:
  17. Re: I have got a email because of a transfer? go to your profile and turn it on-off:D hope this helps
  18. Re: German Changes good work but please give me rep as i did loads first--- well you repeated most of my risers BUT you did well listing the fallers
  19. Re: German Changes Demichelis 91 - 92/93 altintop 89-91 jerome boateng 83-86+ petric 89-91 kroos 73-80 toni 94-95 klose 94-95 ze roberto 92-93 mark van bommel 92-91 daniel van buyten 92-91 Jermaine jones 82-87 Lukas Podolski 91-90 willy sagnol 93-92 vincent kompany 90-91 diego ribas 93-94 Sestak 83-86+ Michael rensing 85-87 Martin Lanig 83- 86 Pavel Krmas 83-85 Matthias Jaissle 74-77 Benjamin Siegert 82-84 Berkant Goktan 83-86 Eke Uzoma 74-78 Millivoje Novakovic 86-88 Heiko Butscher 82-85 Timo Achenbach 83-84 PHEW cheers people will add more or feel free to add but thats plenty and took ages thanks x
  20. Re: Rosa Stelvio yes if he becomes a regular and plays in uefa could see 85 by the summer.
  21. Re: Federico FAZIO WEHAY Im an idiot i didnt realise but i already had him for my leeds!!!!!!!!! I got him when he was rated 76 then he jumped 7 to 83 How much more will this legend buy rise?
  22. sweeeeeet

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? dan agger?
  23. sweeeeeet

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? Ledley King?
  24. sweeeeeet

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? it was the obvious lmao
  25. sweeeeeet

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? nani ??????????
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