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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread It seems there are two teams on offer, one being Craig's Millwall - don't know what happened Once you have Craig back in the setup, can you please contact me for the other team? Thanks!
  2. Re: Portugese Setup 1 Two teams on offer: Estrela da Amadora - stefano oldfield (358 ) CS Maritimo - Vitalij Georgiev (81 )
  3. Re: World Championship 30000: Discussion thread With only five games 'til the end of the season and being 13 points away from playoff zone, Sporting CP seems to have no more to do than prepare for next season. Three players out and two players in was the balance of last week's transfer activity. More news are expected in the following days. Still a lot to do to for this side to become competitive for the long term!
  4. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Was away for a few days, long enough to see Newport loosing the first game of the season against Chesterfield, 2-0 was the result, and also the first win of the season, 4-1 against Brentford. The draw follows next against Yeovil Town
  5. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Really thought Genoa was going to play Division 2 football next season... but we managed to win a match this Saturday!!! We are not safe yet but this was a good step. Let's keep pushing!
  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread missed the oldham job yesterday... the interest in joining is still high. if you see another opportunity available in the future, please let me know. thanks!
  7. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Ukraine was knocked out against Croatia in the semis. End of the road for us and for me as International Football manager, for now. Good luck!
  8. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I expect it to, and it will be hard!! But hey... If it was easy, someone else would be in charge :D
  9. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Ukraine is really over performing! Won the group and then the penalty shootout against Australia. Maybe it's from the vodka, or in this case maybe from the cocktail molotov! Now Spain in the quarter-final... Salut!!
  10. Re: World Championship 30000: Discussion thread A comfortable win this time... and for a change! Next one in Alvalade against Rangers.
  11. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Newport County the new Division 5 champions After a long and though season, Newport County celebrates Division's 5 title and the promotion to Division 4! When I entered 7777 two and a half seasons ago, Newport was in really bad shape... I remembered smut saying "long term project you got there" and [JMH] "It was about time someone give them a chance.". Indeed, I'm not a good manager, or know much about football, I just gave them some attention and a lot of patient! That's what most of these Division 5 teams need Now it will be even tougher, Division 4 is a completely different thing. I hope we manage to stay up! Lincoln City had a great campaign, were first for really long time, only in the final turns Newport managed to catch them and finally win the league, only one point ahead! Good luck in the playoffs. Lincoln - Oxford, great match! I want to thank Frozy and [JMH] for the loans. Crucial players to achieve our goal! Thanks guys! I also want to congratulate all the people that achieved the goals for the season and wish the best for those who don't. Have fun!
  12. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I'm still running naked around the neighborhood carrying a bottle of champagne since yesterday's evening! When I manage to stop I'll come here again and say "hi"!
  13. Re: World Championship 30000: Discussion thread Indeed Sporting CP was better in every aspects of the game against the unmanaged Vélez Sársfield. Bad luck this time, at least we got a point! We are now 11th.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 1 News It was not possible to resist to tiger baker's AC Milan... They were stronger in every aspects of the game and deserved to win and continue the excellent campaign. Genoa on the other hand saw Brescia drawing with Palermo and getting closer on the relegation fight.
  15. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Lost to Northampton, congratulations Miguel! Fortunately for us Lincoln City draw against Southport. Two games left, six points ahead... I'm afraid, very afraid :(
  16. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread The fight is still on! Three very tough games are reserved for the last turns: Sat. Northhampton Town Mon. Darlington 1883 Wed. Oxford United If you look closer, they are all in the table above
  17. Re: World Championship 30000 Discussion thread reserved for future use
  18. Soccer Manager - a social and interactive game "An online game without communication is an offline experience" - Dai Smout I'm one of those people that believe SM is much more fun if you make interaction and communication with other players a key aspect of the game. Having the World sharing your hard fight for success or your missed penalty at minute 95, that would give you the Champions League, is much more appealing and fun that living all of this alone in front of your computer. Communication is a way of boosting your SM experience. World Championship 30000 The Game World started back in October 2012 and is now at the mid of its Season 4. I don't know much about the Game World as I only recently joined but there are a good set of managers that are in since the early days. It seems to be difficult to maintain a World Championship full and appealing but 30000 has a good number of active managers and it seems a good option for people looking for a competitive environment. I joined World Championship 30000 last month as Sporting CP, my Real Life team, and only played 6 games so far... I'm enjoying it a lot and hope to be here for a while, so RL allows me to! Sporting CP started in Division 3 and was relegated that season. After that, the best position ever was 11th in Division 4. Seems a very good challenge! The Forum Thread As part of the communication experience, I would like to see this as an active thread! Don't know if there are many forumers in the setup, still have to find it. Of course that communication can also be promoted within the Game World News Feed, via Private Messages, whatever you feel that can improve the interaction between the managers. What I think is important is to promote and attract the interest of the participants. Interaction and involvement will lead for sure to even more long term projects within the Game Worlds! But most of all, whatever is your way of being in SM, have fun, that’s what the game is all about! Thanks for reading. Please make your comments and share your ideas. Take care!
  19. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Vitorino talks about Genoa's season so far Corriere dello Sport: Hello Marcos, thanks for being here with us today. Anyway and by looking at your team's performance this year, I guess no one will miss you at the training center today, don't you think? Last season you were runner-up and now fighting to escape relegation, have you lost your skills or had too much luck last year? Marcos Vitorino: Hello, thanks for inviting me, I guess... Indeed this is not a good season for us. We had a bad start in the League and lost the first two games of the SMFA Champions Cup. This two losses were a turning point and I think influenced all the rest of the season. We were playing the Champions Cup with the "second" team players, and after this, we decided to align the first team for it. The result were four wins in a row and a place in the elimination phase. CDS: Sorry to interrupt, but then you faced Cristal Palace and were knocked out! Don't you think it is too risky to put your best team in an elimination competition? Italian League is not an easy one, and as an important competition for the supporters you should have known better. MV: Hum... I see you are in a bad mood today. Well, you are right, it was too risky but it is now easy to judge. At the time, and at the bottom of the table, we decided to try our chances and put Genoa's name at a better level internationally speaking. Palace was better, nothing else to say... CDS: In the national Cups you managed to progress to the second round. Are you happy with that? Supporters aren't, that I can assure you! MV: Your bitterness is somehow amusing, but anyway... Of course we are not happy as we know that for Genoa's standards it is not enough. We have had a lot of matches, and series of three games a week for too long. The team has not good quality depth to face this. We all did our best in order to please the fans, but sometimes that is not enough. CDS: Now, with only the League in mind, and only four points above the line, what are your goals? Please think before you answer... MV: Well, personally I think that this hostile environment is really good for me to think, thanks! With thirteen games to go, and focusing only in the League I think we are going to be safe in the end. Not much of a goal, but we have to stick to what we have at the moment. Everything is experience for us and the group will be stronger after this! CDS: Are you already preparing next season? I'm not expecting to, but I have to ask. MV: Yes, incompetent managers like myself, tend to let everything to the last minute, specially in such a competitive Game World as this one, so... yes we are already preparing the new season but I will let it to another day, thanks. CDS: Well, in that case I guess this is it. Thanks a lot for coming and expose your self to be ridiculous in front of everybody. MV: I'm the one that thank you and really wish you to get better from your illness! Thanks!
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