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  1. we are all newcomers to the game
  2. My adventure with Newport started from last position in Division 5 - I believe it was the poorest team in the GW at the time. I'm in Div3 for 4 seasons now. It is being tough to get promoted
  3. Indeed I forgot them. I remember the old days when I was playing Championship Manager offline with my brother. We once started a game from the lowest division. I was with York and he was with Wrexham. Good old days, with a lot less responsibility
  4. Just a curiosity about Wales' teams. There are probably more, I don't know, but Newport, Cardiff and Swansea are on Div3 for the last three seasons. Swansea and Cardiff are both without a manager at the moment, and I think it's not the first time that this happens. Different patterns though. Swansea had 22 managers since the start while Cardiff had only 4. Newport had 6 managers before me. I'm at the commands for 377 games now - more than 3 years. How time flies! Some of you have more games in EC7777, some of you have less, why don't you share your experience until now? Let's reactivate this thread a bit?!
  5. I live in a dark and cold cave, maybe the address is not that easy to find. Or should I be worried anyway? Let's maybe try to post something on the forum threads of the GWs we are in.
  6. Indeed it's good to see some recent tactics discussion. I have a question for you regarding Tackling. If you use Aggressive and your defenders are much less rated then the attackers, aren't you risking red cards? In terms of Pressing I would go with Own Half maybe in both situations (less than 2 or more than 2). Can you elaborate a bit? Thanks.
  7. I'm also very curious to know when the League will be reviewed. Maybe after the Euro?... The center forwards are an historical problem, and nowadays it is even surreal! The best that we have for the NT is Éder. With all my respect to him, he is a professional trying to do his best, but we really have a problem there. And in my opinion defenders will come next: Pepe 33, Ricardo Carvalho 38, José Fonte 32, Bruno Alves 34. As long as doubtful quality foreign players keep on coming for cents, in order to valuate them fast and then resell, the good quality Portuguese young players will not have a chance. Nothing against quality foreign players, they are good for the League.
  8. Well, 187 games with FC Porto now. It's being fun!
  9. hey guys! just dropping by to check on the forum. long live to EC7777!
  10. Hi Alessandro, EC1 is a tough GW to get into. Keep your eyes open for a vacancy. If you know someone inside the GW maybe it's easier. Good luck!
  11. hey guys! you were a spammer at the time Christian!
  12. Hey guys! Although I'm only checking the forum rarely I believe that if we all move in again this could be fun With the GWs news feed, the communication is happening there - in the GWs where there is actual communication. It is easier. You are already there, you only have to write a sentence or two and that's it. But on the other hand it is very limited - no images, no reports, not even paragraphs... Also the FB groups are not helping. You do not create a forum thread, you create a FB group. Even if I don't like some of the SM options and changes, I've been moving on and adapting. And a lot of us are doing the same despite all the complaints. In most cases I believe this is happening not only because we love the football managing concept - connected to the real life, but also because we can't live without each other (I'm now officially crying ). During the past years we all have been on one or several GWs together. We've created bonds... Sh.. I'll stop here, I'm getting too old. So, I'm going to try to come here more often and see what happens. Take care you ....
  13. Indeed one of the things that is hurting EC1 is the huge number of inactive managers. There is a big group of managers that does the login from 30 in 30 days only to keep the team. They have zero activity in the GW. I don't know if reducing the login time to 14 days will help, but at least all these people would have to setup the alarm for twice a month. Maybe with time we can see some of them dropping their teams. There's a great interest from quality active managers on getting inside EC1. With things as they are it's too difficult for that refresh to happen. Please take this into consideration and help us improve EC1. Thanks.
  14. have an excellent 2016!! hopefully with no Baileys on the blood this is your year mr. Herby!! hang in there
  15. managed to stay up another season, and this time it was harder than the lastest one!! it will be tougher from now on to generate cash, but we'll survive one way or the other! enjoy the holiday season!
  16. unfortunately Mo Wigan is not that tough! good luck and let the best ... well, just let Wigan win
  17. you know i was joking John, don't ever take me too serious great job since season 16 mister 433
  18. Tomorrow it will be my 100th game as manager of FC Porto. Keep them coming!
  19. I didn't have the notion that it was so far down. To be honest, after the prior forum changes I wasn't very motivated to post. Also the available time doesn't help. This is a great GW let's shake it up a bit!!
  20. I also bow myself to your mighty managing skills oh Friel the Greatest! It is really a priviledge to be here with you guys!
  21. thanks John! for you and everyone else to, but the ones playing against me! let's see what the "new game" will impact us...
  22. Long serving player you had there! So much history this GW has!
  23. great to hear from you Garry!!! congratulations!! genoa is now completely different from what it was a few seasons ago. i guess the manager before you sold a lot. next season you'll have 6 easy points from my poor side
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