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  1. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Been away from SM and the forums... hope to get back... After fighting for promotion last season until the playoff final, this season Newport is the last of Div4. A slightly different approach to the market made us weaker for the day by day, hope to collect the results in the future. Lets bounce back people!!
  2. Re: World Championship 30000: Discussion thread Been away from SM and the forums... hope to get back... Lost again to Adriano!! Anderlecht won in Alvalade. Congratulations! My Sporting CP is still first with the same number of points as Auxerre and only two points away from Panathinaikos. Only one decisive last match to go against Palmeiras, also fighting for promotion! Let's hope for the best
  3. Re: English Championship 1 been absent from SM and the forums, RL is a mess... but still alive and kicking!
  4. Re: Gold Championship 1 News keep pushing! never stop fighting till the fight is done still struggling to reach 4th!
  5. Re: English Championship 1 at the moment i still have 7 players from saturday's team below 90% (79, 82, 2x84, 85, 87, 89) and 2 below 93% (92 and 93). this makes 9 out of 11 with some issues, in my opinion. but ok, "deal with it" you should probably be saying :) last game of the season guys!! good luck for those who still fight for a goal!
  6. Re: Gold Championship 1 News thanks! i'm putting my efforts on that, staying up, i mean ahahaha good luck for your promotion! looking good, keep pushing! unfortunately the opposite run already began! lost again this saturday... 7 more to go
  7. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Well, below my last Saturday's message after the game. This run allowed us to climb from the bottom of the table to the 4th position! Go figure why this happens! Now I'm back to Earth again and hoping not to make the opposite run
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Barnsley saying present! Congratulations Craig, keep the improvements coming! New article added, please read it here Ricardo Costa heads for Qatar’s Stars League
  9. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Important win against Bradford City, the "Russian Project". The competition is very tight in Div4. Only one point separating 8th from 3rd and only nine points separating 14th from 2nd! Basically everything can still happen, from great to worst... Additionally, the three games per week are upon us in a short while, for sure that will make a difference.
  10. Re: English Championship 1 Congratulations! Great job!
  11. Re: English Championship 1 translation please!!
  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread sorry to write this here but... and so eric dier moves to tottenham, makes the debut, and scores the winner at 90+3'... no more comments from my side
  13. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread thanks! looking forward to put my eyes on the new wordpress blog
  14. Re: English Championship 1 The Tigers are lacking consistency Despite a couple of important results against some of the greatest, Hull City is not presenting the needed regularity for higher flights. With the chairman's goal set to the top half of the table, The Tigers are now 9th - 7 points away from 11th. With only three matches to go - Luton, Liverpool and Reading - all positioned from 5th to 10th in the table, and two of those matches being away from KC Stadium, life seems not to be easy. The number of points needed to achieve the goal will also depends on Mister Malcom's Peterborough United performance. Let's wait and see if the Hull side can manage to have European Football next season. Good luck to you all in this final push!
  15. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread lots of ups and downs for newport! this time a lost to exeter, congratulations José! this makes us drop to 8th and got out of the playoff positions.the right side of the defense is also being remodeled, emmerson boyce and joão amorim have left the building hope to get back to a consistent winning path soon!! anyway and to be honest, 8th position is a lot more than i expected in the beginning of the season!
  16. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread LATEST ARTICLES FROM BARNSLEY FC Thanks Craig for the invite. Just having in mind a timeline purpose, I read through the forum thread and picked the first and the latest articles that I wrote. Check the blog articles below Vitorino named new Barnsley FC manager - from May when I entered 7046 Gray season for The Reds - from last week
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Ricardo Costa (D RC 87) and Lucas Barrios (F C 88) available at Barnsley
  18. Re: World Championship 30000: Discussion thread Congratulations for the win Adriano! Keep up the good job and your table climbing!
  19. Re: Riferimento: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread welcome and good luck!
  20. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Gray season for the Reds Average could be the word to describe Barnsley's latest season. Taking only 1 point out of the last 5 games, The Reds ended up 12th place in Div3 with 50 points, 10 points away from relegation and 11 points away from playoffs. "We have a good working group, with a lot of ambition despite the experience. We definitely lack in depth and some youngster irreverence, both things that we need to work on." said Marcos in the new season press conference. "Unfortunately no major changes are taking place, mostly because financial health is a real concern for us, so we will have to reinvent ourselves and see where that can take us" he continued. Regarding transfers, "Ricardo Costa is on the market, as he showed interest in leaving the team, we are open to proposals for him - expecting to make some cash". "I would also like to take the opportunity to wish good luck to the other teams and managers, now that we are approaching fast the beginning of the competition! Our first official appearance will be at home against Blackpool, team that unfortunately ended up relegated last season. Hard working is in place so we can have a good start!" Marcos ended up saying. Another difficult and challenging season seems to be ahead for the Oakwell side.
  21. Re: English Championship 1 Thanks Dave! "Dr. Test" was the name Chilli gave to his former account just before he gave it to me. I didn't changed it until a few minutes ago (I should have changed it on the same day I received it) so, in fact, I was Dr. Test and that is my account - I'm managing Wolves in EC 268. Hull was moved to my original account as Wolves stayed in the previous owned by Chilli account. Hope it's clear now.
  22. Re: English Championship 1 Hi guys! I'm indeed the new manager at Hull after Chilli kindly gave me his account a few weeks ago when he left the game. Like many others I was trying to get in for ages so I'm really happy to have this opportunity and be part of EC1! I hope to be up for the task! So many years and seasons of stories behind make me feel a bit small at the moment, to be honest. I'm thinking on keeping the present team 'till the end of the season so I can get the pulse of the strong and weak points, if any , and only then, if possible, try to shape it a little to my own style. Finishing in the first 10 would also be nice to keep Mr. Chairman satisfied! Please feel free to make your comments and suggestions so I can get acquainted to the "environment" Thanks! Have fun!
  23. Re: World Championship 30000: Discussion thread Very, very important win at Turk Telecom Arena! Also benefit from Standard Liege win over Panathinaikos. Still a long and hard way ahead!
  24. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players Excellent piece of work!! Can I rep you twice in the same time?
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