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  1. I have transfer request for Hummels. He's much younger but only 93 , and Vidic has recovered and playing well and he's 95 . What's ur opinions ? ty
  2. I want to buy one of them , so any suggestion or i shouldn't buy them Ty
  3. Which one, and also i want to give Guarin and money for them , should i keep my Guarin ? ty
  4. Hi guys, anyone up for this transfer, in next days it's premier league day for ratings, so i'm afraid tevez will drop to 93 , what's ur opinion ? ty
  5. Hey guys, i'm using him on RB cause he's my best , i've Sokratis only xD but he's 89. And Valencia isn't playing that good, his average rating is 6,95. And i'm in a big trouble, i've lot of good Wings but not good RB , so what do u recomand me , should he continue playing at RB or i need to move him in a wing position Ty
  6. Hi , Well i would like to ask , i've Ozil and SIlva in my team, but i've weak MC players, so can i use them in the middle, they're green, i mean i can use them in 3-5-2 , and also can i place them as playmakers ? I don't know are their perfomance going to be same as in wings, i hope u can answer me . Ty
  7. I can swap my Siem De Jong with Gervinho or Osvaldo What are u suggestiosn !? And i Can swap Arteta with Kevin Prince Boateng
  8. I like this formation , and i got bored playing 3-5-2 or idk 4-5-1 and wining, but i don't have succes with this 4-2-3-1, i tried everything but idk , i have Borussia dortmund , but it's old championship , not that old But this is my lineup : De Gea,Valencia (Man.UTD) , Subotić,Mascherano,Schmelcer, Khedira, Hernanes,Hulk,David Silva,Bale, Damiao That's my first team, i've M'Vila , but he has 6,48 average mark , and he totally sucks. I would like to know which team instructions to use, and to put arrows where Ty
  9. Hi guys, i hope some1 can help me, to counter this formation, it's unbeatable I saw on counter formations it's good to use 5-3-2 but i don't have players for those formations, if someone had success against 4-5-1 , pls post it here. Ty
  10. Re: Counter formations *** is this ?? http://postimage.org/image/t8afkmcm3/ http://postimage.org/image/bn4a8fzk5/ http://postimage.org/image/fpntmr1d1/ I never lost 0-6 , my team is good for 4-2-3-1 , but cmon 0-6 -.-" I'm thinkin' to not play this manager anymore (
  11. Re: Counter formations His average team was 85 mine was 91. He played:Normal,Normal,Mixed,Mixed,Fast,All over,and marked all styles and TARAABT was his playmaker -.-! I played: Agressive,Normal,Short,Mixed,Slow,All Over,Men behind ball,Play Offside,Use playmaker, mine playmaker was Modric. It was Frendly match, and i hope u can see pic. I saw u said, 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 winger counters 4-1-3-2 ! Pls explain!
  12. I have Huntelaar in my team, his morale is low,60%, and is he going to play good, cause i loaned him from Barcelona, and is he going to play better than other CF i have 90 rating but normal morale, it's green but 68%. So, is Huntelaar going to play well, and score lot of goals while he has low morale , but it's 60% ?? Ty
  13. Hey, i created custom game world, i follow every step, and at the end i went to Create! Then when i go to My custom game world i can only see this :"1 Custom Zavidovići Championship You are currently in position 1 in the Custom Game World creation queue. Up to 4 Game Worlds are created every hour between 09:00 and 20:00 Game Time (GT)." And i have option to "Cancel" that championship???? What to do , pls tell me ?? Ty
  14. Re: 3000 Free sm credits! When i enter my card details, and when i press " Get 3000 SM Credits" , then nothing happens, it's just normal, and "Get 3000 SM Credits" it's blured if u understand me, nothing is happening, idk why :S
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