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  1. apparently new fixtures announced today 21st and first game is this sunday (5 days time) transfer window doesnt open til start of season as well. still waiting.. very annoying!!!
  2. Re: higuain rise What an absolute disgrace. This just makes a mockery of the ratings system. What next Benzema +1?? That would be an even bigger joke. Benzema 93, Higuain 94 (If hes lucky), dont get me started on Rooney And Lewandowski 92?? Come on sort it out
  3. Maybe Im losing it but this is becoming an absolute joke. I took over Aston Villa finished 5th- team average finished 19th promoted finishing 2nd Win the league in first season after promotion Now 4 games to go 18th and in danger of being relegated My team is probably in the top 3 squads in the game, and have tried several tactics Hart, Courtois Alba, Vertoghen, Kompany, Yanga, Nastasic, J.Martinez Carrick, Gundogan, Vidal, Hamsik, Pogba, Verrati Bale, Neymar, Reus Falcao, Lewandowski, Negredo Plus the fact that Falcao cant even get 10 goals in 3 seasons is embarassing, not much point in having good players when the likes of Seydou Doumbia and getting 20 a season!! Sort it out SM surely thats what we pay our money for!
  4. Re: Varane 90? Why has the likes of Nastasic not risen again as well? Also Gundogan? Its a disgrace and another sign of preferrentail ratings just because someone plays at a top club
  5. Are Soccer Manager scared of dropping players at bigger clubs? Benzema? Fabregas? Rooney? Just 3 as an example. All they are still doing a job for their teams can they still justify such high ratings?? I have to disagree Benzema and Rooney both should drop, while is a Barca sub still deserving of a 95? Or is this just another example of the EPL being overhyped and overrated?
  6. Re: Will Rooney(95) drop? Of course he should drop, Although hes playing fairly well, hes not playing at a 95 rated standard. When you consider Falcao and Aguero are 94s how the hell can Rooney be higher?
  7. Re: Squad Caps its ridiculous, no team can sustain large squads such as these. I have a 50 man squad with 11 of these loaned out and lose around 800k every away game. Any chance of this being implemented as soon as?
  8. Squad Caps Surely we can have the options for squad caps in custom game world similar to the option of buying from unmanaged clubs or players from same nation?
  9. Re: loan players playing against parent club surely common sense should prevail. there should be an option for loan players regarding playing in cup competitions and parent clubs. simples
  10. I am sick of playing crappy managed teams in Europe who arent Gold members and getting beat. What is the point in having a large squad, and not being able to benefit from having strength in depth. I propose that conditions are taken into account for all competitions. Not only will this encourage managers to get a gold membership but managers will have to concentrate on certain more winnable competitions like teams do in real life. As we all know challenging on different fronts can be taxing for teams in real life and I think this will add another dimension to the game.
  11. been offered hummels and falcao. busquets not performing plus llorente not been doing the business up top!!!
  12. do you thin he will drop??i cant see it happening hes payed ten games for madrid and is still a quality player. im struggling for centre mids and no one else decent available having just missed out on javi martinez!!! thanks
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