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  1. Re: International Private Set Up Haha yes sir and those drunks over there at Hearts wont know what hit them next season.
  2. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern Need One Point to Clinch Division 3 Bayern sit at the top of Division 3 with 34 points and the best goal differential in any of the Divisions. 2nd place surprise Everton sit 11 points behind with 4 games left. If Bayern can gain just one more point in the next 4 games which manger Darren Heller said "Thats like us having to beat Silema Wanders one out of four times. the competition in this division is seemingly weak. Im very confident".
  3. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern 6-0 in Division 3 Bayern improve today to 6-0 with a 2-1 win over Club Brugge. Scoring for Bayern was Luca Toni in the 22 minute and Steven Gerrard in the 39th. An all around good day. Bayern also announce the accepted deal for Klose
  4. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern Make Final Offer The recent media attention that has linked Bayern and Farfan has been confirmed by a source inside the organization. Our source went further in quoting manager Darren Heller saying that "Yes, Klose is on the block but we are not desperate. We are looking for players that we need to fill in key spots when someone gets a little injury or tired. We have made a counter off to Schalke and we hope they accept. If not, then it is not that big of a deal, Klose is content with either choice. Thank you" And so it goes, updates will be give
  5. Re: Private set up Bayern Vs. Manchester United Bayern will play Manchester United for the best team award I guess you can call it. Manager Darren Heller, who took over Bayern late into the season came in at 4th place and through wins, made it to the top of the table with a win in the final match. Not bad ehh? But it gets better, Heller was quoted in saying "I had no idea I could get a set-up for winning , I joined David's league because he has good leagues with a lot of good managers (Except the ones who quit like the International Set-up). But I am delighted to say that I will be winning
  6. Re: International Private Set Up Darren Heller was quoted in saying "We are happily awaiting a bid for Klose. A part exchange would be great but we will look at any reasonable cash offer. It's up to Schalke to make the offer"
  7. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern lose in Second Round of Cup Well it was a bad day for Bayern as they were knocked out of the cup with a 3-2 loss to Reading. Manager Darren Heller said "Yes it is a dissapointment that we could not win a second year in a row but I dfeel as if I had my first team in we could have won that game quite easily. I put my younger and lower rated players in to give my first team a break. We all agreed at the beginning of the season that I promotion was our number 1 priority in this league and it will remain that way. Congradulations to Reading for a great
  8. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread My squads average is an 87. Sadly, I cant seem to win anything...but that will change next season
  9. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern increase 5-0 this season Bayern is at the top of the table in Division 3 being 5-0-0 scoring 12 and conceding only 2 after their last win over Lyon 2-0. Manager Darren Heller said "I'm still very delighted with the team, we have great form, a very good squad, and excellent morale. Nothing can stop us. RCS Anderlacht is in second place at 4-1-0. We managed to beat them as well." Bayern won 2-0 at a home game on May 31st. It was mostly a Bayern controlled game. Bayern had 60% of possession, 29 shots (Lyon had 5), 11 shots on target (Lyon had 2). S
  10. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern are now 4-0 this season Bayern extend their winning streak in Division 3 to 4 games now sitting 4-0-0 at the top of the table as of yesterday with a 2-1 win over Olympiacos. Bayern controlled the game and both goals came from Ronaldo in the 32nd and 80th minute. Lyon up next.
  11. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern are now 3-0 this season Bayern are now 3-0 in Division 3 scoring 8 and giving up just 1. Manager Darren Heller said "I'm very happy with the results so far. Christiano Ronaldo has made a huge impact in our team scoring two goals in two games. Likewise, Luca Toni is back on the scoring track with another pair of goals. Van Bommel has two, Gerrard has one. We are doing great. Scoring is coming from all parts of the field which is what we need. Bayern beat RCS Anderlecht 1-0. Ronaldo scored in just the 12th minute but Klose was given a read card in the
  12. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern Start Season With Win Bayern 3 - Everton Bayern started their season off to a good start on May 17th with a 3-0 victory over Everton. Manager Darren Heller said "I thought Everton had potential to be a contendor for promotion, I guess I was wrong." It went downhill for Everton when in the 25th minute, Gabriel Heinze was sent off for diving and acting. A straight red. As Bayern continued to break the defense of Everton they could not score and the game went into half time The game was fast paced and Diego finally put one home in the 48th minute to ma
  13. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern have won Division 4 It was announced after Bayern's 3-2 win over Sydney FC that with a loss from Fenerbache (their 3rd straight), Bayern had clinched the Division 4 title and would be promoted to Divison 3 at the start of next season. Manager Darren Heller was quoted in saying "I'm delighted with the double this season. The cup and promotion is a huge triumpf in this league." Bayern who has gone unbeaten in their last 16 (15 wins and 1 draw counting the cup), are led by leading scorer Luca Toni. Bayerns last home game will be May 7th against G
  14. Re: International Private Set Up Bayern Munchen Win The Cup It was a exciting scene today as Bayern Munchen return to their home town after winning the International Private Set-up Cup. A stunning 4-2 win over Division 3 Dinamo Zagreb has placed the first item of silverwear in Manager Darren Heller's case. Goals came from: J.ZANETTI 6 S.GERRARD 13 P.SCHOLES 17 M.DEMICHELIS 86 Man of the Match was Gerrard who also suffered a deadleg. Next thing to do is gain promotion.
  15. Re: Call of Duty WaW Official Thread! Its a game where you have to capture the headquarters. Its netural at first but the first team to get there and secure it gets it. You get 5 points for every few seconds you hold it. I think its 5 points every 5-10 seconds. Then the Headquarters changes psositions and becomes neutural again. And you go for the enw one etc. First team to 250 wins. But most players dont try to capture it, just get as many kills as you can.
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